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 Home remedies for bruises

Using cold, heat, or specific topical treatments and remedies may help you get rid of bruises more quickly.

The treatments for Bruises

Bruises are the outcome of some kind of skin trauma or injury that tears blood vessels. Bruises typically disappear on their own, but there are things you may do to alleviate the discomfort and hide them.

10 natural remedies for bruises

The following therapies can be carried out at home:

1. Ice treatment

As soon as possible after the injury, apply ice to stop blood flow in the area. The amount of blood that leaks into the surrounding tissue can be decreased by cooling the blood vessels. This can lessen swelling and make the bruise less noticeable.

You can use a cloth- or towel-wrapped bag of frozen vegetables, a bag of ice, or a reusable ice pack. For ten minutes at a time, ice the bruise. Reapply once 20 minutes have passed.

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2. Heat

Heat therapy helps improve blood flow and circulation. After the bruise has already developed, this will assist in removing the blood that has become trapped. Heat therapy can also ease pain and relax tense muscles. Use a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Another choice is to take a hot bath and relax.

3. Compression

An elastic bandage should be applied to the damaged area. Compressing the tissues will lessen the risk of blood vessels leaking. Compression can lower the intensity of the bruise and aid in minimizing discomfort and swelling.

4. Elevation

The damaged region should be raised such that it is above the heart. By doing so, fluid that has accumulated in the damaged area can be drained and pain relieved. Compression and pressure can both be decreased by elevation. This presents you with the ideal opportunity for relaxation and rest, both of which can hasten your recovery.

5. Arnica

Arnica is a homeopathic herb that is supposed to lessen swelling and inflammation, making it a great remedy for bruises. Topical arnica cream significantly decreased laser-induced bruising, according to a 2010 study. Several times a day, apply an arnica gel or ointment to the bruise.

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6. Vitamin K moisturizer

Blood coagulation is aided by vitamin K, an important nutrient. In a tiny 2002 trial, vitamin K cream was demonstrated to lessen the severity of bruising following laser treatment. Apply vitamin K lotion to the bruise gently at least twice a day to apply this treatment.

7. Aloe Vera

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of aloe vera have been demonstrated. To the area that is harmed, use it topically. Use only pure aloe vera gel, and make sure to. For a complete list of additives, read the label carefully.

8. Vitamin C

The anti-inflammatory qualities of vitamin C make it useful for accelerating wound healing. Vitamin C is additionally included in gels, creams, and serums. These may be applied topically. It's also available as a supplement. Consume a lot of fresh fruits and veggies as well.

9. Pineapple

A collection of enzymes called bromelain can be found in pineapple. Bromelain might lessen swelling and bruise severity. You can consume pineapple or take pills containing bromelain. It can also be used topically as a cream.

10. Comfrey

Skin conditions and inflammation are frequently treated with comfrey, a herb. Bruises can be treated with comfrey lotion, which has been demonstrated to have healing properties.

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The lotion can be used several times each day to treat your bruise. Dried comfrey leaves can also be used to create a compress. 10 minutes of boiling water should be used to steep the leaves. Next, drain the liquid, and last, cover the leaves with a towel or piece of fabric. To the area that is bruised, apply it.

The conclusion

It can take a few weeks for bruises to heal. Rest your body properly to promote optimum healing. Some of the home cures mentioned below can aid in hastening the healing process. Keep track of your development. Remember that a serious sprain or fracture can result in bruising. Call your physician if:

Despite how small the damage appeared to be, you are still in pain three days later.

  • A lump forms over your bruise.
  • You seem to have unjustified bruises.
  • Your stool or pee contains blood.
  • These are signs of a more severe injury.

Keep your healthy practices as consistent as you can.

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