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How to live a long happy life

I developed a daily schedule that I hoped would transform my life using scientific information on hormones, neurotransmitters, psychology, and mindfulness that I had gathered over many years.

These are seven lifestyle choices that have increased my sense of joy in my life and continue to do so:

1. Express gratitude

Love the life you have now because it will only get better from here. Your brain interprets gratitude, the straightforward act of being grateful, as optimism.

Your brain is predisposed to choose positive thoughts more frequently when you think or say things for which you are grateful.

Keep a "gratitude journal"—a dedicated notebook where you spend a few minutes each day listing the things you're grateful for—to help foster an attitude of gratitude.

This habit will definitely teach you to keep an eye out for things to write down, and you could surprise yourself by realizing how much you have to be grateful for.

2. Engaging in physical activity

Exercises have many health advantages, but let’s focus on the endorphins for now. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise release endorphins, which have a significant positive impact on mood.

Although an endorphin rush can make you feel happy, it also has long-term consequences.

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Twenty minutes of exercise can improve mood for up to twelve hours, according to a study from the University of Vermont.

Not sure where to begin or what kind of exercise is best for you? To accommodate your level of fitness, preferred type of exercise, and time limits, BODi offers a range of programs.

3. Show others kindness

It feels nice to donate, which helps you forget about your own problems. You get an immediate sensation of fulfillment when you perform acts of kindness because your brain receives a satisfying flow of dopamine.

Look for chances to volunteer in your neighborhood or simply lend a hand to someone in need when the opportunity presents itself.

Even when you're busy, showing kindness by paying for someone else's parking or contributing to your favorite charity just takes a short amount of time.

Even the simplest act of kindness, such as a smile, can have a positive impact on one's mood; studies have demonstrated this.

4. Get enough sleep.

Serotonin, a key hormone for happiness, might become unbalanced if you consistently lack sleep.

Your internal circadian rhythm is set by maintaining a regular sleep schedule, which includes going to bed and waking up around the same time each day. This rhythm aids in the regulation of several hormones.

Your cells renew, your organs repair, and your thoughts stop while you sleep. When you awaken, you are a completely different person.

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That implies that you can put behind whatever bothered you about your day and start fresh the next morning.

5. Change your negative thinking

You've probably heard the phrase "You are what you eat," but what about "You are what you think?"

If all that is happening in your head are negative thoughts, you will not be happy.

When they occur frequently enough, grumbling, worrying, and criticizing—whether expressed aloud or simply spoken internally—become habits.

In my personal trials with cultivating joy, I believe that breaking the habit of negative thinking is the most crucial step.

6. Take It Easy.

Your brain can enter calming alpha waves when you're awake yet at ease; it's like getting a little brain massage.

Numerous health advantages of meditation include lowered stress levels, slowed aging, and yes, even greater happiness.

Having trouble doing it?

I assure you that meditation is easier than it seems. It's simple thanks to the meditations in the Beach Body Yoga Studio, which are only available on BODi.

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7. Be surrounded by family and friends.

According to studies, friendships do more than just increase happiness; they also extend life!

When you are near the people you love, oxytocin, also known as "the hormone of love," floods your brain and body.

As much as giving up smoking, having close friends might lengthen your life.

Technology makes it even simpler to stay in touch with your loved ones: schedule FaceTime chats, plan virtual happy hours, and even organize workouts if you can't get together in person.

Plus, having friends makes life much more enjoyable. We all have busy lives, but making time for the people in your life who matter to you is essential if you want to be happy.

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Pay attention to your health.

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