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 Prostate cancer survivor’s stories

Charly Boy Oputa, the self-declared Area Fada and leader of the irate Nigerians left the operating room of an unidentified hospital in Lagos earlier this week after getting treatment for prostate cancer.

But he continued to make stern statements about how he would beat cancer which was regarded as one of the leading killers of black males.

That was a serious process made so simple by my doctor, who was full of encouragement before and after the surgery, Oputa said in a conversation with HEALTH LIFE KIT after being carried out of the operating room.

He claimed that I had previously engaged in and triumphed in similar conflicts and that I would do so again.

He urged men to screen for prostate cancer earlier and seek treatment because doing so ensures that the disease will be successfully treated.

When I told you I was managing prostate cancer, he said, "I promised you I wouldn't go down without the need for a fight. That assertion is restated here.

"I implore guys to tell their loved ones about their medical issues so that they won't pass away alone.

"A shared solution to a problem. To help other men learn from my experience, I am publicly revealing my health issues for this reason. My success both during and following the surgery has pleased my doctor much.

As the previous PMAN president's prostate health difficulties became public, it changed the dynamic between Wyclef Jean, Tubaba, and Sound Sultan and led to the beginning of worldwide collaborations involving Nigerian artists.

In that conversation, Oputa disclosed that he was dealing with prostate-related health difficulties and added that he will participate in the Walk 4 Life event to raise awareness of the epidemic of prostate cancer.



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