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 Foods humans should never eat

It's important to choose entire foods that will fuel your mental and physical health and help you feel your best when it comes to eating healthily. Although eating ice cream or chocolate occasionally is good, eating leafy greens and salmon regularly is also important for maintaining balance in life.

In your diet, you should limit the foods on this list a little more about it, though. A favorite of yours may have made the list, but it's entirely fine to continue to enjoy it periodically. In spite of this, they might not be among the most nutrient-dense foods to include as part of a balanced, healthy diet. The opinions of a few dietitians about these foods are shown below.

1. Soda

According to Suzanne Dixon, RD, a registered dietician with the Mesothelioma Center in Orlando, Florida, drinking sugar-sweetened soda can cause dental decay, obesity, fatty liver disease, high triglycerides, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems.

Having soda once a week is acceptable if you love it. Dixon advises, "But keep it out of the house and don't treat it as an everyday method of self-hydration."

2. Sweetened Fruit in Cans

The majority of the canned fruit you'll find in the grocery store is made with heavy syrups or heaps of added sugar. This can be an unneeded source of extra sugar in the diet, similar to soda. Choose only fruit that has been canned in its own juice if you do so, advises Dixon. And don't drink the juice; pour it off. Fresh fruit is usually a better option, says Dixon.

Better alternatives include fresh, frozen, or sugar-free dried fruit.

3. Industrial Fried Foods

French fries, battered fish, and fried chicken are just a few quick foods that are frequently fried and cooked in hot cooking oils. Although trans fats were outlawed by the FDA in 2018 and are not present in foods purchased at the grocery store, repeatedly reheating cooking oils can increase the likelihood that trans fats are present in food. Edible oils can naturally form trans fatty acids by being heated and reheated to very high temperatures, according to a study from 2022 that was published in Nutrients.

It is well recognized that trans fats raise the risk of certain medical disorders, such as high LDL ("bad") cholesterol.

Better alternatives include frying food at home while keeping oil temperatures below smoking. 

4. Energy Drinks

Don't buy energy drinks and don't keep them around the house to break the habit of reaching for one. If you need to keep an energy drink at home, read the label and double-check the contents, advises Maggie Michalczyk, M.S., RD. Instead of drinking energy drinks, she advises choosing tea or coffee as your primary source of caffeine. Go for natural alternatives rather than those that contain a lot of sugar or ingredients with unfamiliar names.

Tea and coffee are preferable choices.

5. Whole-wheat pretzels

Pretzels are a meal that is easy to consume in excess, yet they provide virtually little nourishment, according to Michalczyk. This does not exclude you from ever enjoying pretzels; however, try to select whole-grain varieties or consume them in moderation.

Try another crunchy food that is high in fiber, such as carrot and jicama sticks or whole-grain crackers. To increase the amount of protein and fiber in your snack, you may also dip your pretzels in a healthy spread like hummus.

6. Artificial sweeteners

Avoid using artificial sweeteners on a regular basis, if you can. The sweetness of these can range from 200 to 7,000 times that of table sugar. The sweet taste can interfere with your ability to recognize foods that should genuinely taste sweet, according to Kelly Jones M.S., RD, CSSD, LDN. Despite the fact that they may be able to use less, they advertise this as a positive. The healthy bacteria in our digestive tract can also be disrupted and appetite can increase with regular use, Jones continues.

Sweeteners that are derived naturally, like honey and maple syrup, are preferable selections.

7. Marinated Deli Meats

Here, we're not referring to freshly butchered, lean meat. You should probably avoid processed, high-sodium deli meats for your health. According to Jones, "Nitrates and nitrates are added to the most popular cured meats such as bacon, sausage, ham, and other lunch meats."

Better alternatives include making a sandwich with chicken breast or using hummus, eggs, or cheese as a protein-rich filling. likewise, there are some nitrate-free options available on the market.

8. Packed Muffins

Propylparaben is an ingredient that is used in some products like tortillas and muffins, adds Jones, even though many people strive to avoid parabens in skin-care and body-care products. According to Jones, parabens may have the ability to interfere with the functions of hormones in the body. In addition, they include more calories, sugar, and saturated fat than homemade versions.

Although we love muffins, we recommend that, whenever possible, you make your own delicious blueberry or pumpkin muffins from scratch rather than purchasing packaged muffins from the store.

9. Popcorn packaged from the microwave

We are discussing packaged treats found in convenience stores, which are similar to muffins. I truly adore popcorn and suggest it as a nutritious whole-grain treat (yep, popcorn is a complete grain)! However, the issue with bagged microwave popcorn is that it contains a ton of additives, according to Natalie Rizzo, M.S., RD. Perfluoroalkyl and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) may also be present in food packaging, including microwave popcorn bags. Synthetic chemicals such as PFAS can raise your chance of developing conditions including hypertension.

10. A cheese can

Indeed, cheese can be canned, but it won't taste the same as fresh cheese. However, cheese in a can is the furthest thing from cheese. Cheese is another food that I really love. It is made up of a variety of processed chemicals that together make for a less-than-healthy product, according to Rizzo.

Better alternatives include choosing a string cheese or a slice of cheddar cheese, both of which add protein and calcium to your diet.

Maintain your health while learning more!

Consider the advice we've given if you want to be as healthy and fit as you can be. Through the provision of excellent, fact-based services, we hope to enhance your general well-being. Subject-matter specialists have been collected to give training resources on a variety of health-related issues. We have put a lot of effort into educating you so that you might have the happiest life imaginable. You can get information on sound sleeping habits elsewhere other than the most recent headlines.


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