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Best at-home prostate cancer test

How to make a check

In its early stages, prostate cancer is very treatable. Cancer is now being discovered earlier because of the rise in cancer screening.

We do not advise performing a home prostate cancer screening since there is a risk of underdiagnosis and rectus damage. Only a doctor is well qualified to determine whether you have prostate cancer. Only they, with their experience, are able to describe how a healthy prostate feels and whether or not a development on the prostate can be malignant.

They are the only ones with the experience to understand how a healthy prostate feels and whether or not a growth there could be malignant. They are then able to request additional testing and provide you with the most suitable advice. They will conduct a digital rectal examination (DRE) and request a PSA blood test, which is a prostate-specific antigen test. These are referred to as cancer screening exams. For assessing PSA levels at home, certain laboratories offer testing kits. Consult your doctor prior to attempting one.

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The digital rectal examination (DRE)

Doctors in their offices carry out this straightforward assessment. A healthcare professional will

  • Put gloves on.
  • Their fingertips should be greased.
  • Until it reaches the rectum, softly insert one finger into your anus.
  • Check for any growths above the prostate by feeling it.
  • Prostate cancer could be detected by hard growth.

Before taking the DRE, there is no specific preparation needed, and you can return home the same day. The procedure rarely hurts, but it occasionally can. You can notice some light spotting or bleeding after you get home if you have fissures or piles. If bleeding is substantial or continues, call your doctor.

Your doctor will inform you immediately following the surgery if your prostate is normal or if there is an anomaly. Further testing, such as an ultrasound and blood tests, specifically a PSA test, may be requested if they discover anything abnormal.

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PSA tests: PSA is a specific kind of tumor marker that is typically seen in blood. 4 ng/mL of PSA is considered to be normal. PSA readings can rise above 4 ng/mL in men with prostate cancer. A person is at least 50% more likely to get prostate cancer if their PSA levels are greater than 10 ng/mL. On the other hand, having elevated PSA values does not always indicate that you have prostate cancer. They are also present.

  • When you are older.
  • If you recently ejaculated.
  • If you are supplementing your testosterone.
  • If you experience other prostate issues, such as BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia),
  • If you use certain drugs, such as aspirin, you could develop prostatitis (prostate inflammation and swelling).
  • Statins are drugs that lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Diuretics containing thiazide (a sort of water pill)
  • After you've had medical procedures like a biopsy or DRE

A prostate cancer diagnosis: Your doctor can suggest additional testing to definitively determine whether you have prostate cancer if the aforementioned screening tests for the disease find an anomaly. These are made up of:

Ultrasound: The doctor could perform a transrectal ultrasound to examine your prostate. Your rectum will be probed during the procedure. Your prostate is photographed by the probe using sound waves, and the results are then displayed on a screen as moving pictures. These moving pictures are captured on a film, and the ultrasound report will mention its findings.

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(MRI) Magnetic resonance imaging: Strong magnetic waves that are projected into your abdomen are used in MRI scans of the prostate. The prostate may be seen in great detail because of these magnetic waves. The test can assist the clinician in deciding how to collect prostate tissue samples for additional analysis.

Prostate biopsy: A prostate biopsy entails taking a sample of your prostate and sending it to a lab for microscopic examination. This test offers a conclusive prostate cancer diagnosis.

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