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Some of the most usual signs among ladies are lower abdominal pain (LAP). There are a number of probable explanations for LAP, while the exact causes are yet unknown. Pregnancy, menopause, liver or gallbladder issues, ovarian cysts, and kidney stones are a few of the most typical causes.

The exact cause of LAP is frequently unclear. However, it is frequently manageable with a combination of therapies, such as medication and physical therapy. The subject of this essay will be lower abdomen pain sources and related symptoms.

What Causes Lower Abdominal Pain in Women

Numerous conditions, ranging from relatively minor ones like gas and constipation to more serious ones like ovarian cysts and uterine cancer, can result in lower abdominal pain.

Lower abdominal pain is common in women. However, it's imperative to see a doctor if the pain is severe or persistent. They will assist you in identifying the issue and obtaining the proper care. The location of the pain in the lower abdomen can affect the reason, in general.

What the Causes Lower Central Abdominal Pain?

Lower central abdominal pain can have many different possible reasons, some of which are more significant than others. The most frequent causes are gastrointestinal problems, like diarrhea, constipation, or an ulcer.

However, the following are some additional potential reasons:


The contraction of the uterus, as it sheds its lining, might result in cramps or discomfort during the menstrual cycle. Along with other symptoms like nausea and diarrhea, this can cause pain in the lower abdomen.

Infection of the urinary tract (UTI)

Urine is filtered through the urinary tract in the body. A UTI may develop as a result of bacteria or other substances entering the urinary system. Lower abdomen pain and a burning sensation when urinating are two of UTI's most typical symptoms.

Inflammation of the pelvis

The uterus and fallopian tubes are both impacted by the illness known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Although it can happen without an STI, it is most frequently related to STIs and other STI-related diseases. Pain during or after intercourse, unusual vaginal bleeding, and lower abdomen pain are examples of symptoms.

Why Do I Have Lower Left Abdominal Pain?

Torn muscles to a more serious issue like appendicitis are just a few of the causes of lower left abdomen pain. The majority of the time, a physical examination and questions about the patient's medical history can reveal the origin of the discomfort. To identify the source of the discomfort, additional tests are occasionally required. The following are some causes of lower abdomen pain.

Flatulence Gas

The left side of the abdomen may become painful when gas builds up in the intestines and presses against the area. The medical term for this is "intestinal distention."

Diverticular disease or polyps

Lower left abdomen pain is frequently brought on by polyps or diverticular disease. On the inner wall of the colon, polyps—small growths—can develop. Diverticula, which are small pouches, develop in the large intestine's wall as a result of diverticular disease. Both of these conditions have the potential to inflame and hurt the lower left abdomen.

Why Do I Have Lower Right Abdominal Pain?

There is a wide range of possible explanations for lower right abdomen discomfort, some more significant than others. Gas, constipation, and indigestion are the most frequent reasons.

Other causes include:


Inflammation of the appendix is a symptom of appendicitis. It is a tiny, worm-like structure that emerges from the big intestine. Abdominal pain and swelling are the most typical signs of appendicitis. Usually, they develop on the lower right side of the abdomen.

Constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal issues are possible additional symptoms. Appendicitis can result in an appendix rupture if untreated, which can result in potentially fatal consequences.

Crohn’s infection

Lower right abdomen pain can be a symptom of the chronic inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's disease. Although the exact cause of Crohn's disease is unknown, environmental and genetic factors are thought to play a role. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight loss are among Crohn's disease's most typical signs and symptoms.

An ovarian cyst

Common benign (noncancerous) tumors on or inside the ovary are called ovarian cysts. They are typically rounded or oval in shape and filled with liquid or semisolid substances. When ovarian cysts enlarge to the point that they press against other abdominal organs or distort the ovary, cutting off the blood supply, they may cause lower right abdominal pain. This may result in the cyst rupturing, spewing its contents into the belly, and excruciating discomfort.

What Causes General Lower Abdominal Pain?

It can be challenging to pinpoint the origin of lower abdomen pain in general. Numerous conditions, ranging from ovarian cancer to a urinary tract infection, could be to blame. It might be challenging to diagnose pain that is frequently not linked to any particular condition.

Some of the most typical reasons for general lower abdomen pain include the following:

Pain in the muscles

Abdominal muscles may spasm and cause pain. In certain situations, the pain may be brought on by an issue with one of the abdominal organs, such as the liver or appendix. The origin of the pain, however, is frequently unknown.


Due to the uterus' expansion and subsequent pressure on other abdominal organs, pregnancy can result in general lower abdominal pain. Additionally, the hormones linked to pregnancy can lead to lower abdominal cramping.

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is one that develops somewhere other than the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes. This particular pregnancy can result in excruciating lower abdominal pain. Since ectopic pregnancy can be fatal, the condition necessitates immediate medical attention.

Home remedies and medical treatment for abdominal pain

The diagnosis has a significant impact on the treatment of stomach discomfort. Drugs that lessen inflammation might be able to ease stomach aches brought on by ulcers.

Shock wave lithotripsy, however, may be necessary for more severe cases such as kidney stones. Surgery to remove the gall bladder may be necessary if it is inflamed.

To treat the pain, your doctor may recommend a medicine that reduces it, such as amitriptyline or trazodone. The brain's processing of pain signals may be altered with the use of these.

Numerous home health treatments could be effective if you and your doctor have determined that your abdominal pain is not caused by a serious medical condition. Here is a quick list:

  1. Soda with bitters
  2. Ginger
  3. Camomile tea
  4. BRAT diet: toast, apple sauce, bananas, and rice
  5. Peppermint
  6. Apple cider vogue
  7. Heating blanket
  8. Hot bath

How can I prevent stomach pain?

Not all kinds of stomach pain may be avoided. However, you can lessen your chance of experiencing stomach pain by

  1. Eating a balanced diet
  2. Drinking a lot of water
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Eating more frequent little meals

Follow the diet your doctor recommends if you have an intestinal problem like Crohn's disease to reduce discomfort. Don't eat within two hours of going to bed if you have GERD.

Abdominal aches and heartburn could develop if you lie down too soon after eating. Try to avoid lying down for at least 2 hours after eating.

Final Remarks

Females' lower abdomen pain might have a variety of possible causes. It's crucial to get medical assistance if the pain is intense or lasts for a long time, even if certain causes may be more serious than others.

Depending on the underlying cause, there are several different therapies available. As a result, it's crucial to consult a medical expert to choose the best course of action.

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