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 Is powder harmful to the skin?

Talcum powder is one of the most underappreciated cosmetics ever, despite its long history. More than just absorbing sweat and freshening you up are the many other benefits of this aromatic, smooth substance. These 10 lesser-known talcum powder uses, which we compiled from Femina, will no doubt make you grateful.


Talcum powder functions as a dry shampoo for your hair because of its ability to absorb oil. If your hair is greasy, sprinkle some on the roots and gently run it through the hair while brushing away the extra. The talcum will immediately refresh your hair by blotting away excess oil.

To feed lush lashes

Did you know that baby powder applied to the eyelashes would make them look longer and thicker? Between coats of mascara, dust the powder with a Q-tip. Additionally, this will help keep the mascara from clumping.

Used to set lipstick

Talc can make your lipstick stay on for longer in addition to helping it set. After applying a coat, cover the lips with a tiny piece of tissue. Then, via the tissue, apply a little layer of talcum powder to your lips using a blush brush. Enjoy well-set, long-lasting lip color by adding a second coat of lipstick.

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Making waxing smooth

To remove hair painlessly and smoothly, apply talcum powder to the skin before waxing. To create a barrier between the skin and the wax, the coating of powder will absorb extra moisture from the skin to help the wax adhere properly. Effective and painless hair removal is made possible by this.

For smooth skin

Our faces may become more susceptible to sweating when the temperature rises, ruining our makeup in the process. Apply some talcum powder to your face's sweaty areas to prevent shine and sweat. It will also serve as a makeup setting, giving the skin a matte, flawless look.

 Fight the sweat

Talcum powder can be used to instantly dry up sweaty skin. Use it anywhere on your body where sweat is likely to build, such as under your arms, behind the backs of your knees, or on your face.

Easy sand removal

You probably have sand stuck in the most surprising places if you've just returned from the beach. But did you know that talcum powder may be used to remove bothersome sand particles from your skin quickly, safely, and easily? Sand may be removed using just talcum powder and a brush.

Keep chafing at bay

Skin that is rubbed too much, whether it be against clothing or other skin, can become sore and chafe. Most frequently brought on by a buildup of sweat, it can be very unpleasant. By lightly dusting some fragrance-free loose powder over the chaffed region, make sure to keep it dry. Your skin will stay pain-free and smooth as a result of removing friction.

To clean smelly shoes

Talcum powder can quickly and effectively get rid of odorous shoes. Just liberally talcum the insides of the shoes, leave it to sit for a few hours or overnight, and then dust it off. All the sweat, moisture, and odor will be absorbed by the powder, restoring the freshness of the shoes.

Easily slipping on clothes

On warmer days, it can be difficult to get into those skinny pants or leggings. The garments may be difficult to put on due to sweat. Talcum powder can be applied to the skin and will absorb sweat, making the process much simpler than before.

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