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Do you know that some fruits should not be eaten with particular foods? Some fruit combinations might affect digestion and general health, as well as cause compatibility problems. It is crucial to realize that some fruits shouldn't be eaten with other foods. It is true that eating a lot of fruits and veggies at once is really beneficial. Children should eat fruits and vegetables since they are healthy, but it is best to monitor the compatibility of the fruits they consume, especially if they are eating various fruits. Combining various fruits and vegetables is not only dangerous for you and your child, but it is also unhealthy. The following foods are the absolute worst to combine:

1. Carrot and orange

It might be quite harmful to combine oranges with carrots. Heartburn and renal disease have both been linked to this concoction.

2. Lemon and papaya

Papaya and lemon are a deadly combo that is extremely risky for kids and can result in anemia and hemoglobin imbalance.

3. Milk and oranges

It is quite difficult to digest milk and orange together, which can lead to a variety of health problems. The enzymes needed to break down the starch in the cereal will be destroyed by the acid in the oranges. You will enhance your risk of indigestion if you decide to add oranges to your milk cereal.

4. Banana and guava

You run a higher risk of acidosis, nausea, gas accumulation, and chronic headaches if you consume this combo.

5. Fruits and vegetables

You should never combine fruits and vegetables. Fruits are hard to digest and contain more sugar than other foods. Because they remain in your stomach for a longer time, fruits ferment and release toxins that can lead to diarrhea, headaches, infections, and stomach pain.

6. Milk and pineapple

Your body experiences a number of issues when milk and a pineapple ingredient called bromelain are together, including stomach gas, nausea, infections, headaches, and stomach discomfort.

7. Pudding with bananas

The body will produce more toxins as a result of the combination of banana and pudding, which may be harmful to young children.

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