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 Why do I have a double chin when I’m skinny?

Double or triple chins are rather uncommon. Your social life or self-esteem may suffer, but it doesn't automatically imply you have weight problems. Obesity is frequently blamed for causing double chins, but there may be a variety of other possible causes as well. Even if they are in great health, underweight, or in the process of reducing weight, certain people may nevertheless have a double chin.

The cause of the double chin?

A double chin can occur for a variety of causes. As the skin stretches and contracts as a result of weight changes, a double chin occasionally appears. As the skin ages, its suppleness decreases, which can lead to a double chin. Listed below are the main causes of a double chin.

1. Genetics

Genes play a role in how a person's weight is distributed throughout their body. Some develop weight quickly on their hips while some folks carry extra fat around their waistlines and thighs. Thus, a double chin is just your body's way of storing excess fat along your jawline.

2. Posture

Platypus muscle deterioration is a contributing factor to poor postures (that connect your neck and chin). As a result, the skin around the muscles can gradually develop a double chin.

3. Age

As you get older, your skin loses some of its elasticity, particularly on your face. This may lead to excess or droopy skin around your jawline, which aids in the development of a double chin.

4. Putting on weight

When you gain weight, the fat tends to build throughout the body and, regrettably, it may be fairly obvious, especially on the face and beneath the chin. Depending on your body shape, weight growth in the face can be particularly problematic.

5. A Poor Diet

High-calorie, refined-carbohydrate, and saturated-fat diets can cause weight gain and eventually result in a double chin.


If you want to address your double chin, we have you covered. Here's a natural method for reducing a double chin.

1. Adjust your diet

Reduced calorie intake, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, and a reduction in processed and fried foods are some healthy lifestyle adjustments that can help eliminate double chins. Replace processed carbohydrates with whole grains, limit your sugar intake, and eat more protein-rich foods as another strategy to address the issue.

2. Regularly exercise

Exercise causes our body to naturally burn fat. Face and neck exercises can help burn fat in these areas and lessen double chins, albeit this is just anecdotal evidence.

3. Try and grab a chewing gum

Gum chewing is a great activity for developing your under-chin area. Chewing gum causes a constant contraction of the muscles in your chin and face, which aids in fat burning. Also, it strengthens your jaws.

4. Use facial masks

A face mask might help you reduce a double chin and improve the texture of your skin. Together with exercise, using daily egg white, honey, and lemon juice masks may aid in toning your jawline. To spice things up, you can use glycerin, coffee, or green tea masks to aid your exercise attempts.


When it comes to shedding fat, the majority of individuals want to see results relatively immediately. Unfortunately, shedding additional face and chin fat is not that simple. It necessitates perseverance and commitment. But if you constantly apply the aforementioned advice, you'll surely see a positive change.

But, depending on the situation, there may be occasions when you need to take a multidimensional strategy. The remedies listed below can help you get benefits more quickly.

1. Cosmetic Therapy 

No matter how healthy you are generally, you could still have a double chin. Cosmetic dermatology can offer remedies to this issue. Here are a few examples:

Face moisturizers: Your skin becomes firmer; more hydrated, and regains its youthful shine when you use moisturizers that are vitamin-enriched and botanically derived.

Devices tools: Chin treatments stick to your chin and include vitamins, caffeine, and collagen to revitalize the skin. Your submental skin will get tighter thanks to the belts and straps on your face, and also the mouthpieces will help your jaw muscles develop and burn fat.

2. Surgical Procedures

Some individuals might choose invasive procedures when a double chin has become severely problematic. A handful of the available procedures are listed below:

Mesotherapy: the injection of substances that break down chin fat.

Liposculpting: Using suction or laser technologies, fat is eliminated. Instead of dissolving the fat cells like laser lipolysis does, Coolsculpting freezes them.


Exercise is the best natural fat-burning strategy. You can sweat off fat in the chin region in the same way. The workouts shown below can be performed anywhere to reduce chin fat.

1. The World (warm-up)

  1. It's critical to warm up your muscles before exercising to avoid getting hurt.
  2. Slowly rotate the head in a clockwise direction, downward, then upward.
  3. Spin a couple times, and then turn around.
  4. Hold the position for a few seconds in each direction as you slowly extend and spin your jaw in a circle.

2. Keep squeezing a Ball

  1. Sit straight up with your shoulders and back at ease.
  2. Put the ball under the chin.
  3. Chin firmly pressed onto the ball.
  4. Do between 10 and 30 times in one sitting.

3. Exercise your tongue

  1. Roll the tongue as far out as you can while inhaling deeply.
  2. To your nose, keep raising your tongue in this manner.
  3. Hold this posture for 15 to 30 seconds if possible.
  4. After a brief pause, say it again.

4. Straight Jaw Joint

  1. Your head is cocked back and you are looking up.
  2. Push your lower jaw forward and feel the strain under your chin.
  3. As you hold the jaw jut, count to ten.
  4. Your jaw should be relaxed as you bring your head back into neutral alignment.

5. Practice Object-oriented.

  1. Simply move your face in an animated manner.
  2. Your nose and the upper lip should be sensitive to pressure and movements.

6. Place Hands on Your Head

  1. Put your hands over each brow with both of them.
  2. For 30 seconds, raise your eyebrows in a startled or furious manner.
  3. Drop your palms, maintain a lowered brow, and hold for 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat ten times.

7. The Smile Practice

  1. Slowly move your mouth into a full smile.
  2. For the greatest results, adjust each position to your face and grin capabilities.
  3. Try to smile as broadly as you can.
  4. Repeat ten times.


Eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise are the greatest ways to lose extra fat in any part of your body.

Be patient when attempting to reduce a double chin. It won't go away immediately unless you get liposuction or laser lipolysis. It can take a few months until your double chin becomes less obvious, depending on its size.





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