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 Is it a bad idea to pluck nose hair?

Do you often pluck at the hair on your nose? Despite how unpleasant or unattractive they may be, nose hair can actually be quite beneficial for your health. Therefore, do think again before plucking the hair on your nose with tweezers or scissors the next time.

While your nose feels overrun with thick or dense hair, people frequently use tweezers or their fingers to pull them out. Even waxing it off is a step some of them take. Be cautious though before you arrive.

There are 2 types of nose hair:

  1. Vibrissae: The visible and removed frontal nose hair
  2. Microscopic cilia: Found at the back of the nose, which are in charge of mucus is filtered and moved to the back of the nose

The following are the reasons you should avoid plucking the hair on your nose:

  1. You may become more susceptible to infections if you pluck the hair on the bridge of your nose. Without the Vibrissae, germs, and debris near the follicles can penetrate.
  2. The risk triangle is the triangle formed by the space on your face between your lips and nose. The proper operation of the brain depends on this region. The veins that carry blood from the brain and the veins that carry blood out of the nose frequently converge. If you pull out your nose hair, the bacteria may go all the way to your brain and perhaps infect you with meningitis or a brain abscess.
  3. Bacteria & germ outbreak: After shaving or waxing the nose hair, the entire orifice is left open, making it possible for bacteria as well as other germs to enter. If the cilia and other nasal hairs are unable to stop the beginning of the germ build-up, then these hazardous particles can burrow deeper into the body's journey all the way up to the brain.


If your nose hair has grown too long or is starting to irritate you, you might think about trimming it instead of shaving it the next time you want to get rid of it. There won't be a danger triangle issue as long as you don't come too close to the skin inside your nose.

Tips on How to Care For Your Nose!

  1. Never use carpeting (to reduce exposure to allergens)
  2. Prevent dust buildup on objects by frequently cleaning your home.
  3. Avoid smoking and passive smoking.
  4. Maintain a regular saline nasal rinse routine (nasal douching/Jal neti)
  5. quick fix. Clean your nose more often if you have a respiratory infection or allergies.
  6. Maintain a 55% relative humidity inside.

Before trimming the hair on your nose, thoroughly cleanse it. earlier than trimming, it's crucial to clean the nose of any bacteria to lower your risk of contracting an infection. You can speak with a medical doctor if you want to discuss a specific issue.



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