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 What is the most common treatment for breast cancer

When exploring breast cancer treatment choices, whether for yourself, a loved one, or a friend, it's easy to assume that conventional therapy is the only option available to combat a cancer diagnosis.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are some of the standard therapies for breast cancer, but alternative medicine gives patients a different option. The U.S. has strong laws prohibiting physicians from using less intrusive and non-invasive holistic treatments, which is why Tijuana's cancer clinics are home to many of the top specialists in complementary and alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine is the greatest medical course of action for fighting breast cancer since it places more of emphasis on strengthening your body than on weakening it. ITC's goal is to keep you physically and mentally sound as we eradicate malignant cells.

Discover more about alternative breast cancer treatments in the next paragraphs.

How Does Breast Cancer Develop and What Causes It?

It's crucial to discuss how breast cancer develops before moving on to alternative therapeutic treatments and non-surgical methods of curing the disease.

Breast tissue is where breast cancer develops. Ductal carcinoma in situ is the name of the most typical type of breast cancer. The milk ducts, which transport milk from the breast lobules to the nipple, are the site of the beginning of this type of cancer. Since they have not spread to the breast tissue, these aberrant cells are contained in the milk ducts. Although it is a non-invasive form of breast cancer, it has the potential to spread to breast tissue if ignored.

Another form of breast cancer called lobular carcinoma is one that starts in the lobules (also known as the milk glands) of the breast. Lobular carcinoma, like ductal carcinoma in situ, is not an invasive kind of breast cancer. They are not a serious kind of cancer and will merely require complete resection because the abnormal cells have not spread to the breast tissue. Later on, though, they might raise your risk of developing other types of breast cancer.

Most Common Signs Of Invasive Breast Cancer

  1. a lump in the breast
  2. Bloody nipple discharge
  3. Breast discomfort
  4. flakes on the breast or nipple
  5. Inverted nipple
  6. armpit lump or swelling
  7. mysterious change in breast size or shape
  8. Nipple secretion that isn't breast milk
  9. peeling on the breast or nipple
  10. Over the entire breast, there is red, pitted skin.
  11. scaling on the nipple or breast

Breast swelling may involve just some or the entire breast.

However men can occasionally develop breast cancer, patients with breast cancer are typically women. The majority of breast cancers are discovered as a breast lump or tumor that is palpable within the breast. These are surgically removed as part of traditional therapies, probably through a mastectomy. Fortunately, breast cancer is easier to identify and treat early on than other types of cancer.

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Breast Cancer Types

  • in situ ductal carcinoma (DCIS)
  • ductal cancer that is infiltrating (IDC)
  • lobular cancer that has infiltrated (ILC)
  • Breast cancer that is inflammatory (IBC)
  • invasive or infiltrating breast cancer
  • In situ lobular cancer
  • Breast cancer in men
  • Medullary carcinoma
  • Breast cancer that has spread
  • Mucinous cancer
  • Paget's disorder
  • Peripheral carcinoma
  • breast cancer that is triple-negative
  • Tuberculous cancer

ADENOCARCINOMA: The glands of ducts and lobules are where this most prevalent type of breast cancer is located.

NIPPLE-SPECIFIC PAGET DISEASE: The areola and the skin of the nipple can also be affected by this rare cancer, which starts in the breast's ducts and spreads there.

BREAST CANCER WITH INFLAMMATION: This kind of cancer is invasive. Only a small proportion of breast cancer patients have it.

ANGIOSARCOMA: This extremely rare kind of breast cancer develops in the cells that coat lymph nodes or blood arteries.


Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are the only treatments for cancer that are traditional and conventional. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery have the drawback that they can be more harmful than helpful in terms of conventional medicine. Even if they have a track record of being successful, they can have negative side effects that are worse than cancer itself. It is highly advised that every breast cancer patient become familiar with the different alternative medical techniques available before beginning chemotherapy or deciding to have surgery after receiving a cancer diagnosis.


A variety of treatments outside the scope of traditional medicine are referred to as natural remedies for breast cancer. As targeted therapies, they can be employed independently or in conjunction with more traditional medical procedures. Instead of just rinsing your body with chemicals or treating cancer through surgical means, alternative cancer treatments attempt to strengthen your body's immune system. Alternate forms of treatment, such as complementary medicine, can supplement or replace more traditional ones.


We employ immunotherapy to assist the immune system in identifying and eliminating breast cancer cells. Our integrated immunotherapy program comprises the following:

  1. Applying autologous stem cell therapy once per week (Immune stimulating with Interleuquin II).
  2. Dendritic cell vaccination. Weekly, once.
  3. specific vaccination against transfer factor. two intravenous applications each week
  4. ITC Riv. Vaccine for viral vectors. submission once per week.
  5. IT MAF (Gc Macrophage Activation Factors) GcMAF subcutaneously two times per week.
  6. if necessary, the LAK technique (not included)


 Nutrition is essential to our work. Sugar is a food source for cancer, which fuels its growth. Because of this, we recommend a low glycemic index diet to all of our customers who have been diagnosed with cancer. Patients receive a meal plan consisting of either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, depending on their alternative cancer treatment shift, after being examined by our professional cancer nutrition department. Instead of only treating the disease, we aim to improve the health of your complete body, with correct nutrition at the heart of that.

A specific killer cell vaccination is not included if indicated (we will need 1 cc of tumor tissue). I survived cancer without treatment

Alternative Medicine

ITC provides a selection of complementary therapies that exclude traditional medical approaches to treatment. Alkalinizing therapies to bio-magnetic therapies are frequently included while talking about how to treat breast cancer without surgery. Due to the individual nature of every illness, Dr. Bautista develops customized medical treatment programs for each patient that take into account their particular malignancy, its type, and its stage.

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