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 How to get rid of eye infections naturally

Considering that the eye is an exterior organ, eye infections are among the most prevalent illnesses in humans. It is frequently necessary to seek prompt medical assistance because the infections can be extremely unpleasant. Our optometrists in Northport at Main Street Optometry are skilled in identifying and managing a wide range of eye health issues.

Why Do Eye Infections Occur?

It is possible for bacteria, fungi, and viruses to invade the eyes. Some frequent eye infections include pink eye, keratitis, which affects the cornea, blepharitis, which affects the eyelids, and styles. A dry eye is a condition that develops when the tear ducts are not functioning properly.


1. Using saltwater

You could attempt to rinse the affected eye with salt water. Saltwater is a natural antiseptic and has the same qualities as tears. The bacteria in your eye may also be killed by the saltwater, which also kills germs. One of the most typical treatments for eye infections is the use of salt water.

2. Make use of warm water

Warm up a clean cloth, squeeze off the excess, and place it over the infected eye. The technique aids in easing the itching, swelling, and redness associated with eye infections. Don't force your eye too hard.

3. Apply cold water

This treatment is the reverse of utilizing warm water. To do this, submerge your towel in cold water and then press it against the affected eye. The technique is employed to lessen the intensity of the illness symptoms. Avoid placing ice directly on your eye, and be careful not to press the towel too firmly.

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Get Competent Eye Care

The solutions we've provided don't treat eye infections; rather, they only serve to lessen their symptoms.

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