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Why prebiotics foods are important

Preparation, perseverance, positivism, and the strongest foods we can find are what we're all about at Rowdy! Nothing can match the sensation of being content, healthy, and prepared to take on all of life's challenges.

Want to know our secret, do you? How can we constantly be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle? You see, without a stomach in great condition, none of it would be possible!


Giving your gut the proper things to eat is the first step toward gut health. If your overall health is important to you as it is to us, then you've definitely heard of probiotics and all the wonderful things they can do for it. However, did you realize that prebiotics are as significant? What distinguishes prebiotics from probiotics?

In fact, without prebiotics, probiotics wouldn't even be able to function. Oligosaccharides, which are small non-digestible fiber molecules, ferment in the body. This has a variety of positive health consequences, including improved immunological function, lowered risk of disease, and support for weight loss.


Not only are prebiotic meals powerful for your gut, but they are also all incredibly pleasant and delectable. Here are some of the non-digestible fiber foods that we enjoy eating on a daily basis.

Foods containing prebiotics:



Nettle root

Chinese radish

Chives Chinese

Green dandelion

Artichokes of Jerusalem



Maple syrup




Root Yacon


We can't stop there now that we know how beneficial prebiotics are for maintaining the balance of our microbiota. Let's discuss all of the additional significant health advantages that prebiotics provie.

The top 10 advantages of including prebiotics in your diet each day are shown below.

1. They Preserve Your Guts Health

Prebiotics help maintain intestinal health when combined with probiotics. By boosting the quantity and variety of good bacteria, these fiber foods contribute to the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. The prebiotic fibers can help the beneficial bacteria survive and create short-chain fatty acids. Following that, some of these fatty acids can be used to enhance the intestinal lining. Additionally, prebiotics aid in digestion in general and lower the risk of intestinal problems like IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and Candida infection.

2. They lower the risk of developing cancer

Free radicals and cancer cells are reduced in the body when prebiotics are consumed in a healthy way. Particularly, increased toxicity in our bodies and slow toxin removal are linked to colon cancer. According to numerous studies, people who consume a diet high in prebiotics had fewer tumors and cancerous cells.

3. They maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Although prebiotics may not immediately lower blood pressure, they do assist the body's mineral and electrolyte levels stay in balance. As a result, blood pressure levels start to drop since minerals and electrolytes have a direct impact on blood pressure. What a great idea! Prebiotics and blood pressure are related, but it's important to note that plant-based prebiotics (such as fructo-oligosaccharide) have been found to lower levels whereas animal-based prebiotics (such as galacto-oligosaccharide) have not. Keep eating plants to reduce your blood pressure.

4. They assist your body in absorbing nutrients properly.

As we previously stated, prebiotics are essential for the existence of probiotics. Probiotics can recolonize the gut with the aid of prebiotics. Your body's ability to correctly absorb nutrients causes it to stop mounting autoimmune defenses, which makes it easier for you to break down food into energy. Additionally, prebiotics contribute to bone health by enhancing the absorption of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium that are essential for bone health.

5. They Support Keeping Healthy Hormone Levels

A content you will have a pleasant gut! Our gut health and the regulation of our mood have been linked in a number of recent research. Some people have even said that our stomach serves as our second brain, which feels quite real when you skip lunch. Your body can better absorb vital nutrients that support the production of hormone molecules with the aid of prebiotics and probiotics. In fact, there is evidence linking gut health imbalance to mood disorders like anxiety and sadness.

6. They help in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A diet high in prebiotics reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in individuals. Prebiotics assist minimize glycation, a recognized contributor to the body's elevated levels of free radicals, by providing the daily recommended dose (about 4-6 grams). Additionally, prebiotics have a hypo-cholesterolemic impact that aids the body in preventing cardiovascular disease.

7. They Improve Immune Function And Decrease Body Inflammation

Prebiotics and probiotics support regular bowel motions, which lowers the risk of allergies and infections while enhancing immunity overall. They also aid in the body's absorption of vital nutrients, giving the body the energy it needs to maintain healthy immunological function and control inflammation. Prebiotics maintain high quantities of beneficial bacteria, which reduces inflammation. Inflammation is associated to a long number of illnesses that can develop in the body.

8. They Help In Preventing Hair Loss

We may be more susceptible to hair loss if our digestive system isn't functioning properly. According to Hairguard, a healthy immune system, hormone balance, and reduced inflammation all significantly contribute to a healthy scalp and hair development.

9. They Assist You to Keep a Healthy Weight

You may stay on track with your weight loss objectives by eating a lot of fiber foods (also known as prebiotics and probiotics), which can help you feel satiated for longer. Prebiotics are effective for promoting weight loss, you read that right. Additionally, they are closely related to maintaining healthy energy levels and the reduction of obesity.

10. They Assist In Stress Management

Recent studies have revealed a connection between intestinal health and the body's capacity to produce and release stress chemicals. When under stress, consuming prebiotics can result in favorable cortisol changes.



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