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 I put a cotton bud in my ear and now it hurts

Even though our ears are essential to our health, we all too frequently neglect to properly care for them. Our ears naturally produce ear wax, which is essential for maintaining the health of our ears. It can be difficult to remove this wax from your ears while it's just performing its job, especially if you're using something like cotton buds. In fact, when it comes to cleaning your ears, cotton buds can really cause more harm than good.

Cleaning your ears using cotton buds

We are all aware of how satisfying it can be to remove wax buildup from the ear with a cotton bud. Although it might provide you with some brief respite, this could also be the beginning of more serious issues. All cotton buds do is push ear wax deeper into the ear, which can be quite harmful.

For instance, a burst eardrum could happen if you wind up pushing the wax all the way to the eardrum. Using cotton buds will force all of your earwax into the ear, which could result in a blockage that hardens, and you could also cause much worse issues. It might possibly cause temporary hearing loss.

The inner ear may be harmed by cotton buds

Cotton swabs have other ways of hurting the ear besides just pushing wax down into it. Although they may feel gentle to the touch with your fingers, they have a great deal of potential for harm in a delicate area like the ear. One can instantaneously perforate the eardrum if you force one too forcefully into your ear, which is excruciatingly painful. Internal bruising and difficult-to-manage ear bleeding might result from rubbing the cotton bud along the delicate interior of your ear. Cotton buds may seem like the perfect ear tool, but they are far from it.

Maintaining healthy ears requires your ear wax

The ear wax in your ears serves an important purpose in maintaining the health of your ears, therefore you don't actually need to get rid of it. Ear wax plays a role in the system that maintains your ears healthy, from keeping them free of infection to keeping their internal organs well-lubricated. There is usually no need to remove anything because our ears will typically handle earwax spontaneously. The only exception is if your ears feel blocked, you're in pain, or you're otherwise uncomfortable; in these situations, you could require expert assistance to resolve any concerns.

Our ears are vulnerable to a variety of injuries from bruising to obstruction from cotton buds. The majority of the time, they are simply unnecessary because the ears can clean themselves very effectively if we don't get in the way and let the earwax do its work.



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