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 How many papaya seeds to eat

Everyone is aware of the fruit's numerous health advantages. This year-round supply of this nutrient-dense fruit is an incredible source of nutrition for our general health and wellbeing. The meat of papayas, which is coated in the skin, contains many seeds. Again, like with many other fruits, the delicious flesh is eaten before the kernels are even eaten. Have you ever wondered why we simply discard these seeds after assuming they are inedible? If we unintentionally bite into them, they do taste bitter, but does that indicate they shouldn't be consumed? Perhaps they are. According to a few experts, papaya seeds can be consumed—but only in moderation.

Not that all seeds are harmful, but some are highly bitter and cause some sort of gastrointestinal disruption, says nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood of Bengaluru. Several other nutritionists claim that papaya seeds are edible and can be consumed to benefit from their numerous health benefits.


1. Fights against Free Radicals

Papaya seeds are a rich source of polyphenols and flavonoids, antioxidants that protect us against many chronic diseases as well as minor infections like the ordinary cold and cough.

2. Helps in Weight Control

This fruit's seeds are fibrous, which helps with digestion and prevents obesity. Additionally, fiber lowers blood pressure, which supports heart health.

3. Maintains Gut Health

According to several pieces of research, papaya seeds also contain proteolytic enzymes that eliminate bacteria and parasites that live in the intestines, maintaining the health of the gut & stomach.

4. Reduces Period Pain

This is also claimed that eating papaya seeds can assist to reduce cramping and pain during periods.

5. Controls Cholesterol Level

Additionally, papaya seeds are a great source of oleic acid (3), a type of healthy monounsaturated fatty acid that is known to lower excessive levels of harmful cholesterol (LDL).

How to eat papaya seeds

Where do we get ourselves to consume it when it tastes so bitter? You don't actually need to strain your taste buds, though. Grind the papaya seeds and include their powdered form in desserts, teas, smoothies, and other sweet drinks. The bitterness of the seeds will be overpowered by the sweetness of sugar, honey, or jaggery.

Disclaimer: All content, including the recommendations, is only general in nature. It is in no way a replacement for expert medical advice. For further information, always speak with a specialist or your own physician. The content below is not the responsibility of NDTV.


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