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What causes a toenail to go dark?

The color of the toenails is often white. Discolorations can occasionally be brought on by nail polish, malnutrition, infection, or trauma. There are many reasons why toenails get black, some of which go away on their own. You should visit your doctor to rule out the most serious reason for your black toenail if it doesn't improve after a few weeks.

Why do toenails turn black?

A black toenail could result from:

Underlying medical conditions: Anemia, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease are a few examples of this.

Yeast infections Though these frequently have white or yellowish hues, fungal infections can occasionally result in black toenails due to debris accumulation. Fungal infections are particularly likely to affect your toenails since they need warm, damp locations to grow.

Melanoma: It is the most dangerous variety of skin cancer, and it frequently manifests as a dark brown, irregular patch. These blemishes can also appear under nail beds.

Trauma: Blood vessels under a nail may break as a result of trauma to the toe, which is typically the result of an injury. Underneath the nail, the ensuing blood is visible as black.

When ought one to visit a physician?

The requirement for medical attention for a black toenail relies on what caused it in the first place. Making this choice will be aided by knowing the cause. On the other hand, it's a good idea to visit your doctor if you don't know the cause in case your black toenail is indeed a sign of a significant medical illness.

Not every episode of toenail fungus necessitates a trip to the doctor. Therefore, you should consult your doctor for therapy unless you also have diabetes.

Black toenails can also be identified and treated by a dermatologist. If you think you could have melanoma, you should visit a dermatologist. You'll also need to see your main doctor's treatment if the root cause of your black toenail is brought on by another health condition, such as diabetes.

Every black toenail that persists should be examined by a physician.

Can issues arise from a black toenail?

If neglected, toenail fungus can spread to your feet and other regions of your body. Additionally, it may harm nails permanently.

Melanoma in the toenail, which is misinterpreted as a trauma-induced black toenail, can also cause complications. If you detect any black spots on your nail that might be spreading throughout it or if they don't go away regardless of your toenail growing out, you should consult your doctor.

What remedies are available for black toenails?

Toe fungus infections can usually be treated at home if discovered early. The majority of over-the-counter ointments, lotions, and polishes work well. Antifungal medication on prescription may be necessary for severe situations.

If you've been hurt and have a black toenail, the region where blood vessels were broken will go away after your nail grows out.

Generally, a black toenail brought on by trauma from an injury goes away on its own without needing to be treated. But if your toenail spreads and continues to seem black, the signs may be indicative of something else.

Treatment of the underlying reasons is necessary for toenail discoloration brought on by diabetes and other medical problems.

What are the chances of getting a black toenail?

Your prognosis for a black toenail primarily depends on what's causing it in the first place. Trauma & fungal infection cases have the greatest prognosis. In these cases, fungal infections can be treated at home, and damaged nails grow.

Black toenails are an indication of melanoma and other medical diseases. Depending on how quickly you address the underlying problem, the prognosis in such circumstances can vary.

How can black toenails be avoided?

Several causes of black toenails can be avoided by keeping your nails dry and clean. You can take precautions to lessen the risk of toenail harm. So that fallen things won't hurt your nails, you should wear closed-toe shoes when working. Additionally, you can lessen the risk of toenail injuries by exercising in well-fitting shoes, particularly if you run.

You must take additional preventive steps with regard to other underlying causes. Melanoma can be avoided by putting sunscreen around your toes and limiting your exposure to direct sunlight on your feet. It is possible to avoid developing a black toenail that is linked to another medical problem by managing the main health issue effectively.




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