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 How to get rid of lizards without killing them

Lizards control the insect population, thus chasing them out is preferable to poisoning or killing them. Check out these tips for keeping lizards out of your home.

Lizards are typical household companions. Because these little reptiles keep the insect population in check, it's advisable to chase them away rather than poison or kill them. If you are terrified of lizards, having one in the living room may be unsettling.

House geckos are the common name for house lizards. These little geckos are not poisonous and pose no threat to people. Let's face it: no matter how much people say lizards are harmless, they're still regarded as creepy crawlies.

Here are some methods for getting rid of lizards at home:

Check out these home methods for lizard removal that you can use in your own home.

Place an onion or garlic in often visited corners.

Regularly air out cabinets

Check under-sink cabinets on a regular basis and attempt to keep those dry (use newspapers to line the base, and change them often). As an added bonus, this will help to prevent wood rot and extend the life of your cabinets.

Naphthalene Balls should be used.

Lizards, and many other types of pests, will be scared away by naphthalene balls. Keep them out of reach of youngsters and out of reach of animals.

Using Empty Eggshells

Lizards loathe the odor that eggshells emit. Place the eggshells in areas of the house wherever lizards are frequently spotted. They'll avoid any areas that smell like eggs.

Cayenne Pepper Spray

Black pepper can be used to make a pepper spray at home. Make a powder out of it and mix it with water. Pepper spray causes a burning feeling on a lizard's body, which deters them.

Get Rid of Open or Leftover Food

Exposing food attracts lizards and aids in their reproduction in your home. Never leave leftover food out in the open. Leftover food draws flies and ants, which also attracts lizards indirectly because lizards eat insects.



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