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Disadvantage 1: Excessive talking encourages boasting. One of the reasons people talk excessively is to draw attention to themselves. They discuss all of their accomplishments, past records, where they have traveled, how much they are worth, and what they own while doing so. They are skilled at lying in order to appear larger than they are.

Disadvantage 2: Too much Talking too much or too little has negative health consequences and causes chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many others. If you decide to limit the way you speak, you can avoid all of these chronic conditions. You should only speak when it is acceptable, not whenever you feel like it.

Disadvantage 3: Excessive talking leads to a loss of respect. When a chatty person talks more than he knows, he loses respect. People begin to disrespect him as he speaks more than they can handle, and he loses his honor. People around a chatty person do not place value on him because he does not place value on himself.

Disadvantage 4: When you talk too much, you reveal more. People who talk too much have a tendency to talk more about themselves, and their personal lives, and say things they shouldn't be saying without even realizing it. The sensible avoid such people because they understand that their secrets are not safe and secure with them.

Disadvantage 5: When you talk too much, you sin more. More talkative people are more interested and involved in more sins. They gossip about others, boast, lie, and even provoke squabbles among brethren by their backstabbing.

Disadvantage 6: It's Someone's Job to Talk Too Much. Some people are well compensated for their ability to communicate effectively. Their abilities are recognized and rewarded financially. Why have you chosen to talk excessively when you are not being compensated for it? You aggravate the situation by putting your development at risk.




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