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 Does eating raw garlic make you smell

Tips & strategies for masking the odor of garlic so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite healthful garlic recipes

How frequently do you skip eating a meal because it includes garlic? We're all familiar with the pungent odor of garlic, but chances are it's also the source of that great taste in your favorite dish. Not to mention this herb has been used as a natural remedy for ages, and there is even a day devoted to commemorating garlic's benefits. Still don't want to pay the fee for foul breath? We've got a few ways to make sure you don't have to. This is how to enjoy the health benefits of garlic without foul breath.

First and foremost: Garlic has numerous health benefits, including improving your immune system, giving critical minerals and vitamins, reducing inflammation, protecting your heart, and even fighting cancer. A clove a day keeping the doctor away, as they say.

Interesting fact: The fragrance is caused by allicin, garlic's antibacterial and antifungal component, which is also the source of all of its health benefits. It is released whenever a clove is crushed or sliced, and it is very potent when consumed fresh. Because our systems have a difficult time breaking down this molecule on their own, the smell tends to escape in our breath and via our pores. This explains why brushing your teeth or using mouthwash immediately after eating a garlic-flavored meal never appears to work.

Therefore, how would we enjoy it without the fragrance? The following recommendations should assist you in eliminating the stink:

  1. Combine raw garlic with any type of fat, such as olive oil or guacamole.
  2. Chew on natural breath fresheners such as fresh mint, parsley, or a raw coffee bean.
  3. Eating an apple.
  4. Drink a little glass of milk.
  5. Make yourself a cup of green or cinnamon tea.
  6. Drink lemonade or even a lemon.
  7. Rub your hands on stainless steel or use steel soap' to erase the odor.

The issue was resolved. You may now continue to enjoy all of the flavors & health advantages of garlic without worrying about just how you'll smell throughout that 2pm meeting.


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