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Bacteria Test Kit for surfaces

UV lights, often known as black lights, are frequently used in cleaning service to identify concealed diseases on walls, high-touch areas, ledges, furniture, and a variety of other surfaces. The lights induce bacteria, urine, seminal secretions, and blood to "fluoresce," making them visible to the naked eye.

UV lights are commonly used to test surfaces, particularly when there is a disease epidemic or a significant spike in the incidence of a specific disease at a specific period or location. While many facility managers and cleaning experts are aware of UV lights, they are frequently unaware of how to use them.

Some of the important steps of employing a UV system, according to Brad Evans of OptiSolve, are as follows:

1. To detect germs on surfaces, choose a professional-grade UV light system that emits UV rays at extended frequencies ranging from 100 to 400 nanometers (400 nanometers is the equivalent of around 1.6 inches).

2. Make sure the test area is clear. In some circumstances, this may include using an all-purpose cleaner to clean the area first. "However, do not sterilize or disinfect the test area," Evans said, "since this can skew the results."

3. If you're evaluating the surfaces of furniture or appliances, make sure they're easily accessible before you start UV testing.

4. Protect your eyes with UV-protective glasses or goggles.

5. in the test area, turn out all lights. For the UV light to expose microorganisms, the test areas must be as black as possible.

6. If testing a whole area, begin in one corner and work your way around the room, hovering over any surfaces that appear to be contaminated. According to Evans, bacteria and other pollutants will usually ignite when exposed to UV light.

Because using UV lights is a time-consuming operation, managers and cleaning experts should be aware that they have other options if they are concerned about germs hidden on surfaces. Many healthcare and food service establishments, for example, now employ imaging technologies to make the unseen visible, so obviating the need for many of the processes outlined here.

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