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Is cancer a death sentence?

Cancer, according to the Cancer for Enlightenment and Support Foundation, is not a death sentence because it can be treated medically.

Mr. Adegboyega Adepitan, Chairman of the organization's Board of Trustees, revealed this while giving N450,000 to several cancer patients at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital's children's ward.

Adepitan published his cancer-survivor success story in 2014, which inspired him to co-found the organization to educate others about the hazards of the virus and how to avoid it.

According to him, the food we consume has a significant impact on our chance of developing cancer. Healthy nutrition should be prioritized because it helps nourish the immune system.

"We must be careful about what we eat because it is the leading cause of cancer."

"Secondly, if they detect a hint of malignancy, they should seek medical attention right once; they should not wait so long that things become problematic."

"Cancer is not a death sentence; it all depends on where you start and how soon you start when you discover cancer traces," he stated.

Adepitan claimed junk foods are cancer-friendly when asked what kind of meals to avoid.

He also cautioned against consuming too many sweets and spices.

According to Adepitan, the NGO has launched some cancer outreach programs and provided philanthropic support to cancer patients in need of surgery and chemotherapy across the country.

Mr Wale Jegede, Dr Bisola Agbaje, Mrs Bose Adepitan, Mr Segun Olulade, Mr Ola Oresanya, Mr Olumide Oduwole, and Rev. Tony Akinyemi are among the foundation's BOT members.

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