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 How to Remove Smell from Shoes 

Don't just mask the odor of stale shoes—get rid of it completely!

Summer is all fun and games until someone's stinky sneakers stink up the whole home! It follows a typical pattern: hot temperatures cause sweaty feet, and wet feet leave moisture in shoes, which causes odors.

But don't give up on those stinky shoes just yet; I'm going to show you the greatest and most successful methods for removing odors from shoes today. You've come to the right site if you've been wondering how to eliminate odor from shoes quickly.

Dealing with the moisture issue is the key to getting rid of odor from shoes. Many people try to cover up the stink with a deodorizing spray, but this merely masks the problem. You can kill the odor-causing germs by drying out the moisture and cutting off the stench at the source.

I've given a few different options for you in this post because there are several different methods to achieve this. Use whichever approach you like or that you can do with items you currently have.

How to Get Smell Out Of Your Shoes

Increase your odds of success by using this method, which incorporates several of the strategies discussed later in this article:

 Fill each shoe with a mixture of baking soda and a few drops of aromatic oils (optional) and allow it overnight to absorb moisture and odor. After that, place the shoes in a ziplock freezer bag and freeze them for several hours (or overnight) to destroy the bacteria that cause the stench.

Continue reading for additional simple ways to get rid of odors from stinky shoes.

1. Baking Soda

To build the ultimate odor eliminated, use a coffee filter, baking soda, and a rubber band. I've heard these called "stinky pinkies," but call them what you like.

Fill a coffee filter halfway with baking soda and a few drops of essential oils, if desired. Place one sachet in each shoe overnight to absorb moisture and deodorize them by twisting the filter closed and tying it off with a rubber band.

A simple shoe powder can be made by mixing a handful of baking soda with a few drops of aromatic oils. Mix thoroughly, and then evenly apply the powder on the shoes, allowing them to dry overnight. In the morning, throw the baking soda away (and use your vacuum if needed to remove any remaining baking soda from the inside of the shoes.

2. Make use of cotton balls

Place a couple of cotton balls inside the shoes with a few drops of essential oils and leave them overnight. Lemon essential oil and other citrus fragrances are great for this!

3. Make use of the sun

Place your shoes in the sun for a few hours if it's sunny and warm outside. Leaving them out in the sun will dry them out and make them less receptive to microorganisms that cause odors.

4. Take Advantage of Your Freezer

You may also use your freezer to assist get rid of odors in your shoes. Store them in a sealed ziplock bag and place it in the freezer overnight. The odor-causing bacteria won't survive the freezing conditions, so this is a quick and easy fix.

5. Make use of lemon peels

Overnight, stuff some lemon peels into your shoes. If moisture isn't an issue, this will assist to give smelly shoes a new perfume!

6. Rub Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol should be sprayed inside of the shoes. This procedure will aid in the drying of the odor-causing sources, allowing you to resume full use of the shoes.

Rubbing alcohol is both an antibacterial and a fast-evaporating solvent. It evaporates so quickly, in fact, that it aids in the drying of other types of moisture such as perspiration.

7. Soap Bar

Finally, insert a bar of soap inside the shoes overnight to remove the odor. The porous soap absorbs aromas and leaves a fresh, clean fragrance behind. (If you have a few extra bars of soap in your pantry or closet, this is also a terrific option to try!)

What method do you use to freshen up stale shoes?

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