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What does bitter leaf does to the body?

Greetings, fellow steemians! I hope you all had a good night's sleep. I'll show you how to make the Bitterleaf Soup, which is a common Nigerian traditional cuisine. It's most prevalent in the country's east. Enjoy your dinner while you sit back and relax... I appreciate it.

Nigerians are familiar with better leaf, a traditional and indigenous cuisine. Betterleeaf is primarily found in Nigeria's eastern regions, where it is known as the (ofe onugbu).

Depending on who is cooking or how it is prepared, this soup can be prepared in more than 5 distinct ways. Bitterness should not be detectable in a properly prepared bitter leaf soup. You can help yourself by properly washing the bitter leaf.

bitterleaf can be prepared using either way

  1. Egusi(melon seeds)
  2. Ogbono
  3. Ede(cocoyam)
  4. Achi
  5. Ofor

Ingredients used in preparing bitterleaf soup

  1. Bitterleaf (washed then squeezed)
  2. Cocyam
  3.  Stock fish
  4. Ogiri ( optional)
  5. Meat ( beef of your choice)
  6.  Palm oil
  7.  Salt
  8.  Pepper
  9.  Crayfish
  10.  Assorted fish

Ingredients to consider

  1. If cocoyam corms aren't accessible, you can substitute cocoyam flour.
  2. It is not necessary to use ogiri; it only adds a traditional flavor to the bitterleaf.
  3. Before using, wash the leaf to soften it.

List of health benefits of bitter leaf soup

  1. Bitterleaf soup is high in vitamins A, C, E, B1, and B2, as the name suggests. This vegetable is very nutritious and provides a lot of nourishment to the body:
  2. This vegetable lowers blood sugar levels in the body, relieves fever, and aids in weight loss (increases metabolism)
  3. It aids in the production of breast milk in nursing mothers.
  4. It treats all types of skin rashes, including (ringworms, eczema e.t.c)
  5. It also aids in the treatment of piles.

Before you cook bitterleaf soup recipe

  1. Remove any bitterness from the bitterleaf by washing it thoroughly.
  2. For 15 minutes, boil and wash the bitterleaf.
  3. Cocyam should be washed and cooked till soft.
  4. Remove all the cocyam's peels then pound it until it is very soft.

Cooking direction for bitterleaf soup

  1.  Boil and cook your cow tripe (shaki) and other varied fish (dry fish and stock fish)
  2.  After washing the beef, add it to the cow tripe (shaki) and simmer for about 5 minutes
  3.  Season with salt and let the cocoyam to dissolve completely.

Your bitter leaf is ready to eat, and it goes well with any of these dishes.

  1.  Semolina
  2. Fufu
  3.  Amala
  4. Cassava
  5.  Garri(eba)
  6. Pounded yam

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