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  Soybeans for Weight Gain

Soy protein is an excellent weight-gain supplement. If you consume the same amount of calories as before, simply increasing the amount of protein in your diet, whether it is soy protein or not, will not result in weight gain. To acquire weight, you must consume more calories than your body requires. The University of Illinois McKinley Health Center recommends adding 250 to 500 calories to your daily diet for a weekly weight gain of about half a kg. Consuming soy protein shakes in between meals is an easy method to get these calories.

Soy Protein for Weight Gain in Vegetarians and Vegans

If you want to gain weight in the form of lean muscle, which is the type that bodybuilders and athletes alike, soy protein might be the best option. Most people will have a choice of protein, although vegetarians and vegans may choose or be restricted to soy protein as a non-dairy alternative. Scientific research on weight-lifting individuals discovered that those who received soy protein for several weeks grew the same amount of muscle mass as those who consumed whey protein, indicating that a vegan diet had no disadvantages in this regard. Furthermore, new research shows that soy protein has no effect on t-levels.

Thyroid Disorders, Soy Protein and Weight Gain

If you have a thyroid condition, a high soy protein intake can function as an endocrine blocker, disrupting the metabolism of the other foods you eat. This can result in weight growth as well, but not always in the form of lean muscle mass. If you have low thyroid function, you can still eat soy protein if you talk to your doctor about having your thyroid prescription altered to account for your soy protein consumption.

How to Get More Calories from Soy Protein Drinks

A 30g portion of Soy Protein 90 Isolate mixed with water to form a shake has around 116 calories. If you replace the water with juice, milk, or a non-dairy alternative, your shake's calorie count will swiftly rise. A soy protein shake made with 200ml whole milk, for example, will increase the calorie count to around 250kcal. Another easy approach to get more calories into your diet is to add soy protein to smoothies. Mix in other items like frozen yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, and nut kinds of butter with your soy protein powder. A soy protein smoothie with a cup of plain yogurt, a frozen banana, and a tablespoon of nut butter will boost your energy levels.

increase the calorie intake to over 450kcals As long as you stay under your daily calorie goal, any of these combinations will work for weight gain or weight loss.

Soy protein should be included in a muscle-building diet or nutrition plan, as well as a strength-training program, to achieve optimal weight-gain outcomes. Drink a shake or smoothie 2-3 times a day, either before or after your workout. Weight growth will be in the form of lean muscle mass if the diet has a healthy balance of carbohydrates, unsaturated plant-based fats, and lean proteins.



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