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Dr. Bamidele Iwalokun, a medical researcher, spoke out against women using tissue paper as sanitary pads on Thursday, saying it could cause serious health problems.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos, Iwalokun, who is the Head of the Immunology and Vaccinology Research Department at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research in Yaba, said this. menstrual period underwear for women

He claimed that some tissue papers were made from waste paper and were unsanitary for dripping blood during menstruation.

"Any woman who uses tissue paper as sanitary pads is engaging in poor hygiene."

"Using tissue paper as sanitary pads is a bad practice that should not be adopted because no health policy has supported it."

"It has no trustworthiness in terms of use." This should serve as a warning to women that it poses a significant public health risk.

"This practice puts such women at risk of infection, which could enter the bloodstream through the vaginal cavity and cause serious health problems," Iwalokun said. menstrual period relief

The use of tissue paper during menstruation, according to the researcher, could harm the reproductive organs and cause other health problems.

"Occasionally, it's chronic infections that don't cause enough symptoms to warrant a trip to the hospital, but they're harming the reproductive system or pathway in some way."

"One of them is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which many women may not be aware of until they are faced with infertility issues, as untreated PID is a leading cause of infertility."

"It also depends on the pathogens that are isolated from such tissue papers; therefore, it is critical to identify the pathogen types that are isolated from such tissue papers." menstrual heating pad

"Quality research is needed to show the various types of pathogens and the types of damage they can cause."

"However, in order to avoid such health issues, women should avoid using tissue paper as sanitary pads."

"Women must always practice good hygiene, especially during their menstrual period," he advised.


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