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African Catfish Pepper Soup (popularly known as Point & Kill) is an ultimate comfort Nigerian food that is usually eaten at exclusive Nigerian bars and restaurants. Its delicacy is irresistible to many people and is very common at social gatherings. The term "point and kill" refers to the process by which a customer selects the fish or fishes they want from a large bowl containing live catfish; the fish are then killed in the guest's presence and taken away for preparation.

Catfish is one of the most popular fish consumed worldwide, but is the fatty acid mixture in catfish healthy or harmful? Did you know that the omega-6 fatty acids found in catfish can increase your risk of blood clots, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and some cancers? Consumption of these fatty acids is linked to lower blood pressure, a lower risk of certain cancers, inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and even mental decline.

According to Dr. Jane Anisulowo, a cardiologist, farm or home-grown catfish is the worst example in this regard because it contains more fatty hormones than those harvested from natural water.

Anisulowo claims,                                                                       

“There is no doubt that fish is superior to meat. It is easily digestible and contains proteins. However, catfish is not a good option, especially the ones sold nowadays, which are cultivated with hormonal feeds laced with steroids and other fattening chemicals in order to be profitable. In nature, these chemicals are carcinogenic. “They also have so much oil in them that you can almost taste it. Fish, in general, contain oil, but catfish have oil in their skin. That's why it's so oily and unhealthy.

“It also has a lot of polyunsaturated fat, which not only makes you fat but also settles in your bloodstream. This is extremely dangerous because if blood does not reach an organ, it fails and suffers paralysis.” “If you can find one from the river, which is uncommon in most cities, you can eat it twice a month. But if the only one available is one raised by farmers, you don't have to eat it at all, or only when it's partially smoked. Some of the fats would have been lost as a result of this method.

Even better, there are some other species of fish that are oily but contain good fats and are more nutritious.”

Catfish is delicious, but it is unfortunate that it is harmful to our health and good health ensures a good life.



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