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 Following an explosion that happened close to a jetty in Rivers State's Okirika Local Government Area Sunday night, sixteen people were thought dead.

According to reports, a fuel loading pipe at a Port Harcourt Refining facility overflowed on July 31 without the workers' knowledge since the hose detached from the badge, causing the gasoline to pour onto the ground.

As a result, after seeing the spill, some locals began scooping the stuff and storing it in various places.

a report from a source, two fishermen went fishing later along the jetty. Unaware that there was petrol nearby and with one of them holding a lantern, a tragic explosion took place.

According to the informant, some influential people made frantic attempts to conceal the incident.

Akuros Robin, the chairman of the Okrika Council, verified the occurrence after being contacted, however only four people were killed.

Tobin scowled and called the behavior of the people scooping fuel "unfortunate."

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It is quite unfortunate, and I don't like talking about this subject, he remarked. The authorities had warned against this, yet they went there to steal oil. They were not sent to go steal oil by any of their parents. The government has been yelling at individuals to stop stealing every day. I disagree with their behavior.

Olufemi Ayodele, the Rivers State-based spokesperson for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, was unable to be reached because he did not return calls.




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