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Akeredolu health update

Sharing a clip of the governor looking so weak, according to Mr. Ajulo, is extremely inappropriate and uncalled for.

Oluwole Ogunmolasuyi, the majority leader of the Ondo State House of Assembly, has drawn criticism for posting a video of his meeting with Governor Rotimi Akeredolu in a hospital.

The congressman was seen wishing the governor a happy birthday in the Instagram video that was posted.

However, detractors claimed that Mr. Ogunmolasuyi's behavior invaded the privacy of the governor, who appeared ill-looking in the video.

The clip, according to senior attorney Kayode Ajulo, who was born in Ondo, violated the governor's privacy because it showed him in a precarious situation.

He emphasized the importance of giving health-challenged individuals' privacy and dignity top priority.

Despite the rumors going about, his integrity and privacy must be respected, especially at this point in his health challenges.

The acting governor, the Deji of Akure, the Olowo of Owo Kingdom, and other dignitaries, Mr. Ajulo said, might have extended greetings in a more polite manner by setting up a private meeting or personal video conference.

He claimed that it was a complete invasion of the governor's privacy and an act of insensitivity to his well-being.

"As citizens who are concerned, we must stand by him and pray more for his quick recovery, not take advantage of his weak condition for any purpose."

He asserted that a photo of the governor and his wife would be enough to reassure the people of his wellbeing and noted that important health issues are private and shouldn't be used for political or other gain.

He emphasized the importance to uphold moral standards when disclosing information and photographs to the public.

However, Mr. Ogunmolasuyi said that his activity was done in good faith and for the welfare of the populace in an interview with TENET on Saturday.

The legislator stated, "Today, I argued that the viral video depicting Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu in the hospital was released in good faith and without any aim of injuring the governor or his family.

Mr. Ogunmolasuyi responded to Mr. Ajulo's jabs with a statement.

"With the video, I didn't mean any harm. The governor was allegedly on a life support system, therefore that's why it was sent out, the man claimed.

"As of yesterday (Friday), he gave food and cake to everyone around him without any help, danced to Yinka Ayefele music for more than an hour and a half, and remained on his feet for more than two hours without any help.

He used a group call to address the entire 9th ODHA Assembly. He yesterday held a group call with the whole ODHA 10th Assembly.

He chatted with a lot of the folks that contacted his phone to wish him a happy birthday the day before.

"Some claim that he cannot sign documents or handle matters. As of yesterday, he had been able to speak to more than 14 important subjects that concerned both the 9th and 10th ODHA assemblies.

"I never intend any harm. All I wanted was to spread the word to everyone that Oga is still alive and improving daily.

Despite his absence, the state government, the ruling All Progressives Congress, and labor unions celebrated Governor Akeredolu's 67th birthday last week.

The governor has been abroad for approximately two months undergoing treatment for an unidentified illness.




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