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 Is it bad to drink water standing up?


Absolutely nothing can satisfy your thirst like water. This plays a crucial part in keeping you hydrated, and just so you know, there are numerous health issues and illnesses that are associated with them (including weight difficulties) that can be resolved if you just maintain a regular intake of water. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain good health.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't stand up and drink water.

When we return home, it's a habit for all of us to immediately drink water while standing. We don't give it a second thought whether we are standing or sitting when we drink water because we all think there is nothing wrong with it. So, face reality and wake up. You cannot obtain the necessary nourishment if your water is standing. Shocked? Inappropriate water consumption can be very harmful to your health and increase your chance of developing serious conditions.

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Ayurveda says this

Our bodies, in accordance with Ayurveda, are made in such a way that when we sit and move our bodies, the advantages are maximized. Our elders have always advised us to eat and drink while sitting down, therefore there's a good explanation for it.

The proper way of drinking water

There is a proper way to drink water that will help the body detoxify and replenish its minerals and nutrients. Remembering that even though our bodies are 70% water, we lose a lot of it every day makes it vital to consume plenty of it. Additionally, it is important to do so in the proper manner. And drinking while standing up is not a way to achieve it! Curious as to why? Let us explain.

Go more slowly

When you try to drink water while standing up, the water that enters the body rushes through the system and doesn't really make it to the organs where it should be working. As a result, the pollutants that are supposed to leave the body end up in the kidneys and the bladder. Nikita Parmar, a wellness expert and fitness enthusiast, recently published a blog article outlining some of the risks associated with standing up when consuming liquids.

Avoid getting triggered by the nerves

Standing up and drinking water throws the body out of balance with nature and sets off the nervous system, which makes it feel as though it is in danger. This truly wastes the nutrients, and your body is sure to experience stress or strain.

Your thirst isn't actually satisfied by it

The worst part is that consuming water in this manner does not genuinely satisfy thirst. The necessary vitamins and nutrients don't reach the liver and digestive system since the water passes right through. This is due to the fact that drinking water while standing puts your heart and lungs at risk as it moves through your system quickly. This causes disturbances to the oxygen levels as well.

Your posture is affected by how you drink water.

As the water rushes down the body, this might also endanger bones and joints. Joint pain, bone deterioration, and weakness are further potential symptoms. So, how you drink the water and how quickly you chug it down both matter.

Sit down and drink your water

Thus, just as it is advised that you sit down and eat your meal, there is a very good reason to do so when drinking water. Our bodies are built in such a manner that when you sit down and keep your back straight, you receive the most health benefits. The nutrients that are consumed when drinking water from a bottle or glass while seated reach the brain and increase brain function. Additionally, doing it in this manner promotes better digestion and guarantees that drinking water won't make you feel bloated.

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By drinking water in this manner, the advantages are delivered to the organs along the normally planned pathway. Your whole health improves when toxins are eliminated and contaminants are cleared out.

Keep your health in mind as you learn more

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