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 Five Characteristics of fake drugs

One out of every ten medicines in Nigeria is bogus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). You must purchase your medications from a reputable pharmacy if you want to prevent buying phony medication. It is impossible to deny the existence of counterfeit goods in the fields of film, clothing, music, medicine, and cosmetics.

Distribution and manufacturing of counterfeit goods have an effect on the industry. Also, it is harmful to a nation's health. Several of these phony medications are made in Southeast Asia and some regions of Africa.

What is really fake medicine?

Untrue to its claims, fake medication is a pharmaceutical product. Any medication that has been developed or crafted to look better than it actually is referred to by this phrase. The phrase can also be used to describe a medication that has been falsely and intentionally labeled. Regarding labeling, sourcing, or packaging, this is.

It is commonly known that taking fake medication can have disastrous consequences. They frequently provide a risk to the reliability of public health systems all around the world. Also, they are harmful to our health and well-being. The issue of fake medications has persisted despite efforts by regulatory organizations to assure conformance with standards.

The two types of fake medicines are as follows:

  1. Counterfeit versions of real medicines
  2.  Asserting ingredients in false or misleading ways.

The following items might be included in fake medicines:

  1. No active ingredient
  2. Ingredients of low quality
  3. Undisclosed ingredients
  4. Ingredients that are prohibited
  5. Ingredients that could be harmful
  6. An incorrect dosage (too much, too little, or variation in dose across tablets)
  7. Contaminants from unsanitary production

How often is fake medicine?

Any product can be counterfeit, from leukemia treatments to dermal fillers. In nations like Australia that have rigorous medical restrictions, fake medications are less prevalent. Additionally, particularly when bought from reliable suppliers like licensed pharmacies. A pharmacist's license may be canceled if it is discovered that they are trading in counterfeit goods.

You are more likely to find a fake version of a drug if you try to purchase it online.

This occurs frequently when an internet retailer is unreliable. You must be vigilant because some websites could seem to be verified but actually aren't. According to the World Health Organization, some medications sold online are fake.

The majority of the test tools used by regulatory bodies to verify the labeling of a drug product may not be available to you as a customer. You can spot fake medicine in Nigeria by using the tips below.

Check out the seal.

It is especially important to avoid tampering with or breaking the security seal on bottles of medications. Check the sealing tape for splits or cracks before purchasing. If anything seems to be damaged or tampered with, don't buy it.

Look at the packing.

The simplest method is this one. If it's medication you've previously purchased, pay attention to the typography, spelling, and color. One or more of these are usually off in fake medicines.

Visual inspection is done on medications.

The World Health Organization recommends that the following physical features be checked for in medication tablets:

  1. Tablets that have swelled, spotted, or have changed color
  2. A tablet's surface cracks
  3. Crystallization on the surfaces of the packaging or on the pills
  4. Medicines becoming softer or harder
  5. Tablets that are swollen, stained, or otherwise altered in color

Cost effect

Make sure to confirm whether the cost of the medicines reduces unexpectedly. The likelihood of the drug being fake is high in such a situation. as medications are frequently produced similarly. The pricing of one brand can change, and this can have a big effect on all other pharmaceutical companies. So use caution!


The Mobile Authentication Service is one of the cutting-edge tools being used to tackle the threat posed by counterfeit drugs (MAS). Thanks to this technology, a lot of cell phone users can now recognize fake pharmaceuticals.

The term "MAS" refers to the packaging of medications that includes a scratch card from the point of production on the box.

Immediately after, the sender receives a response confirming if the drug is genuine or not.

How to Prevent Purchasing Fake Medicine

Get your medication from a licensed pharmacy because there are many phony medication hawkers in Nigeria.

Check The Shop Before Making A Purchase Online: We are aware that ordering medications online is a relatively new practice. Also, it's an excellent approach to purchasing medication while maintaining your privacy. Yet, it is a warning sign if an online pharmacy does not have a physical location.

It is unhealthy to fake products.

Counterfeit medicines are much riskier than all unapproved therapeutic products combined. Someone willing to breach the law to earn your money may also be willing to commit fraud against you or jeopardize their health.

A fake medicine may fail to treat the illness, which can be fatal if it is meant to treat a life-threatening condition. As a result of incorrect and subpar pneumonia & malaria treatments, more than 250,000 youngsters pass away annually.

Fake medicines may have unexpected negative effects if they contain undetected contaminants or chemicals. Moreover, diluted antibiotics that are used in place of under-strength medicines help to increase antimicrobial resistance.

Please send a fake drug or a substandard product to NAFDAC if you think it is one of those characteristics.

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