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 Foods to avoid before flying

Food guidance: Make your flight more enjoyable by selecting the proper meals and drinks.

The most straightforward approach to avoid pain while traveling is to choose healthier foods before boarding the aircraft.

Ever experience nausea following takeoff on a flight? After you take off, does your stomach begin to hurt? Even worse, the selection of food offered during flights is frequently limited. Beyond a certain height, the air pressure shifts, and this quickly has an impact on your body. Additional discomfort is brought on by the flight's velocity and confined environment.

The best method to avoid these issues is to choose healthier foods prior to boarding the aircraft. For advice on how to make flying more.


1 apple

Given that they are frequently regarded as one of the healthiest fruits, it may surprise you to see apples on this list. Apples really are difficult to stomach. Constipation and bloating are side effects of its high fiber content. In order to avoid this, it is best to eat fruits that are easier on the stomach, like bananas, papayas, or oranges. Does this suggest that drinking fruit juice is a good idea? You can savor them before your journey in modest doses, but be aware of their sugar content. As soon as you're in the air, the excessive sugar content of many fruit juices may cause stomach pain.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is indeed the apple of vegetables since their health benefits are frequently touted. But avoid eating this veggie before your flight. Similar to apples, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower can result in gas and bloating. Eating a raw salad before taking a flight is another error that people frequently do. Indigestion and stomach pain can be brought on by raw vegetables. Instead, opt for a straightforward fruit salad.

3. Fast food

We are usually forced to eat fast food in airports because there aren't many options there for healthier cuisine (or affordable). Alternatively, we can have a need for junk food since we might be leaving for a trip. Nevertheless, keep in mind that fast food frequently contains a lot of salt, sugar, and preservatives. These elements, which are already detrimental to you, are a bigger problem when you're flying. They result in bloating, dehydration, and acidity. So substitute some idli for the burger. It is best to bring some wholesome food from home so you are independent of airport shops.

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4. Coffee and alcoholic beverages

Before early-morning or late-night flights, it is alluring to consume coffee to stay alert. But be aware that caffeine may lead to dehydration, which may make you feel worse later. Aerated beverages and alcohol also have a similar impact on your body as other drinks. Rupali suggests nimbu paani (with low or no sugar) and coconut juice to keep hydrated.

5. Beans

Certain fibers found in beans and legumes can be difficult for some people to digest. Despite their high protein and mineral content, they can upset the stomach and cause acidity problems, particularly when traveling by air. It is therefore preferable to choose lighter meals.

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When flying, people's immune system responds differently. Rupali Datta advises against eating three hours prior to boarding the airline if you are prone to severe motion sickness. But keep in mind to drink plenty of water and resist the urge to eat processed foods.

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