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 How to keep an erection without medication

Your erections giving you trouble? Nobody is alone, not even you.

Approximately 30 million men in the US suffer from erectile dysfunction.

One study on erectile dysfunction even revealed a 52% prevalence rate, indicating that many individuals struggle with penile issues.

Some erectile problems can become more difficult to manage as you age. In reality, 70% of men in their 70s and 40% of men in their 40s, respectively, suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction.

From 5% at age 40 to a startling 15% at age 70, the occurrence of erectile dysfunction skyrockets.

Most likely, you've heard a little bit about ED operations, pumps, and oral medications.

But can food actually work? Of course, you shouldn't anticipate a magic dish that instantly works. But there are some solutions available.


1. Shellfish

Considering their aphrodisiac & antioxidant qualities, oysters are without a doubt the dish with the greatest reputation. They are a need if you want to engage in sexual activity.

Additionally, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so they can reduce inflammation and shield the heart from heart disease.

Oysters can improve blood flow, which can help with penile difficulties. In one study on animals, eating oysters improved erectile dysfunction by promoting penile blood flow.

Omega 3 fatty acids were linked to enhanced semen volume and testicular function in a different study involving 1,679 men.

2. Garlic

Many guys who seek stronger erections are willing to adopt all-natural treatments to resolve their erection issues. A versatile food, garlic is. Antioxidants it produces can protect against long-term illnesses. Fertility and sexual health, however, might also be improved.

Nitric oxide is a substance that can widen blood arteries, and garlic is known to increase its levels. It may improve erectile dysfunction by boosting blood flow to the penis.

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3. Dark Chocolate

There are major benefits to this chocolate delight. Flavonols, renowned for promoting blood circulation, are abundant in them. But there is more. Additionally beneficial for blood pressure, these minerals.

Healthy eating increases nitric oxide production and encourages penile blood flow. It is simpler to control your sexual health because of the increased blood flow to the penis.

For this reason, ED medications often contain dark chocolate as a component. Dark chocolate, however, can be a good option for penile problems when consumed uncooked.

3. Cinnamon

The production of testosterone and sperm as well as sexual health can be enhanced by a cinnamon extract. Regarding sexual issues, cinnamon's increase in testosterone levels is helpful.

While testosterone increases sex desire, it also aids in maintaining and obtaining an erect penis. For more substantial erections, testosterone is insufficient. However, it can activate brain receptors to produce nitric oxide.

5. Saffron

Spice saffron has a wide range of applications. One study on erectile dysfunction demonstrated that it can lengthen and intensify erectile episodes in males with sexual dysfunction.

The volunteers consumed a 200mg pill with saffron. Penile rigidity considerably diminished after 10 days. More information is required about its capacity to improve blood flow to the penis.

6. Spinach

Low flavonoid consumption is common in men who experience erectile dysfunction. Spinach can replenish these resources and help with erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. Spinach may also help to open blocked arteries and lower blood pressure.

Of course, it cannot take the place of standard blood pressure medicine. However, it can support healthy blood vessel activity, penile tissue, and erectile performance.

7. Berries

Berries are the best thing for blood flow. They contain a lot of anthocyanins, a substance that has been shown to protect arteries. They encourage the synthesis of nitric oxide.

In fact, eating 150g of blueberries daily reduces the risk of heart disease by up to 15%. Thus, including berries in your diet can aid in the management of diabetes and good blood pressure.

8. Banana

Like entire grains, nuts, and beans, bananas are a rich source of magnesium. Your penis needs magnesium. Using it in conjunction with standard penile treatment is essential for controlling erectile dysfunction.

Eating bananas can benefit your penis if you take a prescription like Sildenafil. However, there isn't enough information on this food's effects on smooth muscle, nocturnal erections, or other related topics. However, when combined with aerobic activity, it is still a sensible option.

9. Watermelon

Citrulline is abundant in watermelons. Particularly when dealing with impotence issues and insufficient blood flow, this amino acid is excellent for the penis.

Feel free to include watermelon in your diet when taking erectile dysfunction medication. It might not be as effective as traditional therapy, but it might help your libido get back on track.

10. Juice from pomegranates

Many guys require medical attention while they are coping with priapism. Pomegranate extract or juice, however, can also be helpful.

It has a reputation for enhancing blood flow and expanding the arteries. As a result, it can be used in conjunction with pde5 inhibitors to treat penile problems.


Many erectile dysfunctional men seek out natural treatments to solve their problems. A few dietary adjustments can improve blood flow and general sexual performance.


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