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 Sniper poisoning

The selling of Sniper and Dichlorvos (an organic phosphate used as an insecticide) items in open stores and a supermarket are prohibited by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC).

NAFDAC's director-general, Moji Adeyeye, made this announcement in a statement on Wednesday.

Nigerians had demanded the product's outlawing due to the prevalence of suicides involving it.

The restriction, according to Adeyeye, is in place as of September 1 and states that indoor use of these goods is not permitted.

To recall the goods from open shops, the FDA gave brand owners and distributors until August 31. It also gave manufacturers a six-month deadline to use up all of the supplies they have in their inventory at authorized outlets for agricultural inputs.

Agro-dealer shops have been given a two-month warning from NAFDAC to recall and remove their items from open markets and supermarkets without garden corners or shelves, according to the statement.

"Starting on September 1, the nationwide sale of Sniper pesticide and other Dichlorvos brands in open markets and supermarkets is outlawed. For brand owners to exhaust the products in various authorized agro-input dealers' (distributors', marketers', and retailers') outlets, NAFDAC is providing a six-month moratorium till January 1, 2020.

The organization mandated the mandatory listing of agrochemical dealers, distributors, marketers, and retailers.

Smaller Sniper packs were previously prohibited from being produced by NAFDAC due to their accessibility and cost to suicide sufferers.

On Tuesday, the Senate demanded that the federal government halt all domestic manufacturing, importation, and distribution of the Sniper pesticide.





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