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 Tomato dishes list

Best Tomato Recipes: Here is a list of the top 11 tomato recipes, including tomato curry, tomato egg curry, tomato relish, basil tomato soup, and tamatar kadhi, along with their main components and preparation instructions.

Despite being popularly regarded as a vegetable, the tomato is actually a fruit. It is rich red, juicy, packed with the richness of nature, and frequently tart. Because there are so many distinct kinds of tomatoes in the world, they are a staple food in many different cultures and nations. There is no end to the variety of dishes you can make using our incredible assortment of tomato recipes, which includes zingy chutneys, hearty soups, bewitching curries, and crisp salads. Tomatoes are hydrating, delicious to eat fresh or cooked, and they are also very good for your health.

Tomatoes for good health

The nutritious vitamins, minerals, and nutrients magnesium, Vitamins B6, C, and A, iron, calcium, fiber, and potassium are just a few of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you may get from tomatoes if you eat them every day. The fruit only contains a few calories per 100 grams and no dietary fat or cholesterol. In addition, fresh tomatoes are excellent providers of lycopene and antioxidants, both of which help to prevent the degeneration of skin due to aging.

Including tomatoes in your diet regularly can also improve heart health by lowering triglycerides, promoting healthy cholesterol levels, and promoting heart function. Additionally, a recent study by the American Institute of Cancer Research found that lycopene can protect cells from harm that could result in cancer. High lycopene consumption has also been related in some recent studies to lower risks of prostate cancer:

  1. Choose the rich crimson-colored ones.
  2. The fruit shouldn't have any blemishes, creases, fissures, or cracks.
  3.  Ripe tomatoes are extremely delicate and can lose their firmness with
  4. Choose fresh tomatoes over canned ones.
  5.  Tomatoes are susceptible to severe weather. It's best to keep them out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.
  6. Avoid combining tomatoes with fruits like bananas or apples because they release a gas that accelerates the ripening of tomatoes.
  7. Aluminum pan shouldn't be used to cook tomatoes because it might cause an adverse reaction.

How to Purchase and Store Tomatoes

Nothing else should prevent you from obtaining those gorgeous red tomatoes and preparing a delectable lunch now that the purchasing and storing have been taken care of. We have compiled a selection of recipes for you to chose from and cook to your heart's content just in case you need some culinary inspo.

Check out these tomato recipes to make at home.

1 Bomra's Tomato Salad

Tomato pieces are combined with tamarind, jaggery, coriander, ginger, and garlic, as well as peanuts, sesame seeds, and dry shrimp for a little more crunch.

Tamarind, jaggery, coriander, ginger, and garlic added to tomato parts in a sauce

2. Tomato Curry

Along with some mixed vegetables and chickpea flour, tomatoes and moong dal are combined to create a zesty dish.

Tamarind, jaggery, coriander, ginger, and garlic added to tomato parts in a sauce

Moong dal and tomatoes combine to create a flavorful curry.

3. Tomato basil soup

Combined, the tanginess of tomatoes and the gentle perfume of basil create a warming soup that will satisfy your growing hunger.

This outstanding recipe combines the subtle basil flavor with the tart tomato flavor.

4. Fish Andlouse

You'll want more of this delicious fish dish, which is simple to prepare. Fish that has been baked to perfection is topped with a delicious sauce made of fresh tomatoes and herbs.

5. Tomato Relish

A delicious tomato relish made with vinegar, salt, pepper, a little brown sugar, and other seasonings. This relish goes well with nachos and can be used as a pizza topper.

You may use this relish to top pizza or serve it with nachos.

 6. Tomato Egg Curry

An amazing and simple egg curry made with flavorful spices and a lot of blanched tomatoes. Add a steaming cup of rice to it, then devour!

Cooked with flavorful spices, this delicious and simple egg curry is sure to please.

7. Tamatar Kadhi

Tomatoes can give your standard kadhi a tart touch. Introducing Sindhi-style tamatarkadhi. There is a flavor explosion!

8. Tomato Stuffed

A flavorful mixture of rice, chickpeas, and spices is filled inside of tender tomatoes, which are then hollowed out and cooked to perfection. Delicious, full, and incredibly flavorful.

9. Chicken with tomato sauce

A mesmerizing chicken dish featuring tomato flavors together with cream, kasoori methi, and melon seed paste.

10. Kundapura Koli Saaru

A delicious dish straight from Karnataka is presented here. A mixture of tomatoes, spices, and coconut paste is used to cook juicy chicken pieces.

11. Gazpacho made with chilled tomatoes

The traditional Spanish cold soup is composed with a variety of raw vegetables, most notably tomato. This warming soup is a calming delicacy perfect for times when you want to eat light.



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