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Mini heart attack symptoms

Within the United States, men's heart disease is the biggest cause of death.

Heart attacks don't always have to be fatal, and they don't always slow you down too much, due to a slew of new life-saving medicines. The key is to recognize the symptoms and seek assistance as soon as possible.

Symptoms might differ from one individual to the next, and even from one episode to the next within the same person. Some appear suddenly, while others give enough warning. Even so, there are some common heart attack symptoms among guys.

Chest Pain

This is the most prevalent sign of a heart attack in both men and women. It usually begins slowly, with slight pain or discomfort. Because of the traditional way heart attacks have been represented in movies and television, the quick onset of severe symptoms is commonly referred to as a "Hollywood heart attack." A heart attack can occur in this manner, but it is uncommon.

Pain or Pressure in the Chest

It doesn't have to be harsh. A sense of "fullness," squeezing, or pressure can be experienced. It's easy to confuse it with heartburn. The ache usually occurs in your left or center chest. It could last many minutes or come and go.

Other Body Discomfort or Pain

Because they aren't getting enough blood, pain or discomfort can appear in other places. It's usually a part of your body above the waist, such as your stomach, shoulders, one arm (usually the left) or both, back, neck, or jaw, and even your teeth.

Other Symptoms

Dyspnea, or shortness of breath, can occur with or without chest pain, and it may be your sole symptom. It can happen whether you're active or not, and it's most likely caused by an accumulation of fluid in your lungs. You can also experience coughing or wheezing.

Another typical symptom is feeling weary for no apparent reason. You can be nervous as well.

Men experience nausea and vomiting less frequently than women. Some people report feeling dizzy or light-headed. Breaking out in a cold sweat is another indication.

You're more likely to be having a heart attack if you experience multiple symptoms. Keep in mind, though, that you may not have any symptoms at all. Silent heart attacks are more likely with age or diabetes.

Get Help

If you suspect you're experiencing a heart attack, dial 911 immediately.

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