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How can I get shorter in height naturally?

The foods we eat have a substantial impact on various bodily systems. What you eat has a direct impact on your health and physical appearance.

Food is crucial, even though genes are important. You should learn everything you can about the foods you eat.

Weight and height are two aspects that food has an impact on the body. Maybe you want to get taller, but you're eating the incorrect foods.

If you don't want to be short, you must learn as much as possible, as this article will demonstrate. So, what do you think?

What types of food make you shorter

Rice, corn, soda, alcohol, and soy are all shortening agents. Rice has too many carbs and hinders bone formation when consumed alone. Soy decreases calcium absorption, whereas soda has too much phosphorous, which is bad for bone formation.


Even though rice is a common and safe food in many households, there is a chance you will eat too much of it and experience stunted growth.

When you eat too much rice without eating anything else, you ingest too much carbohydrates with no protein or vitamins, which causes you to grow shorter, especially in children.

The major issue is that the body has too many carbs. You will be alright if you eat rice in a balanced manner with proteins and other nutrients.

Junk Food

Many people enjoy junk food, but it comes with its own set of concerns. We all know that junk food is bad for you because it causes fat and diabetes.

Another negative impact of eating too much junk food is that it stunts bone formation, especially in children.

When children eat too many potato chips, their body growth is hampered, resulting in increased body mass but little bone growth. As a result, the youngster will be overweight and short. This is something you should avoid.


Yes, soda is another food that causes you to grow shorter. Phosphorus is abundant in soda. According to a study, phosphorus slows bone formation and density, which affects body growth.

Children that drink a lot of soda ingest an excessive number of calories. As a result, their development is stunted.

Sugars with Ice Cream

We all know sugar is bad for our health. One of the side effects of eating a lot of ice cream, cakes, and cookies is slowed bone growth.

 You must be cautious with your children since they will devour as much sugary food as they can without regard for the harm they may do.

Children who consume large amounts of sugary foods are already shorter than those who do not.


Without everything else, corn has no effect on height. If it gets mold, though, it will produce aflatoxins, a substance that inhibits growth, especially in children. When corn is stored improperly in a humid and warm environment, aflatoxins develop.

Wheat, peanuts, chilies, and tree nuts are among the grains that grow this mold. As a result, to avoid aflatoxins, store all of your cereals in a dry, clean environment.


Although alcohol is not a food, it will make you shorter. Adults that drink alcohol during their growth period will have their growth impeded.

Furthermore, you should ensure that your children do not come into contact with alcohol, as it has the same effect on them and occurs at similar rates.

Other Factors that Influence Human Height

Food isn't the sole factor that influences your stature. There are other aspects, some of which you can control and others which you cannot. They are as follows:


According to scientists, men and women grow at different rates. According to CDC research from 2018, the average height of men is 5'9 and women are 5'3.6 in the United States. This demonstrates that, on average, men grow taller than women.


The fundamental predictor of height is genetics. More than 80% of human height traits are determined by genetics.

This means that, despite avoiding all other factors that influence height, you may still be short or tall, depending on your genes. People go to great lengths to prevent being short, yet genetics are beyond their control.


Your physical qualities are directly affected by physical exercises. People who exercise more have more control over how their bodies look as a result.

Exercises that involve bone and muscle stretching increase your chances of growing tall. With all other circumstances being equal, those who do not exercise will not grow as tall.


Did you know that sleeping is when your body grows the most? The pituitary gland, which produces human growth hormones, is responsible for this.

 The growth hormone promotes bone, muscle, and connective tissue growth by boosting protein synthesis.

As a result, the amount and quality of sleep you get have a direct impact on your bone growth.

Health Status

Several health issues will have a substantial impact on the rate at which your bones grow. This affects both children and young adults.

Down syndrome, hypopituitarism, dwarfism, Russell-Silver syndrome, and delayed puberty are examples of such illnesses.

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