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What food is best for ulcer patients?

If you have a stomach ulcer, avoid these 5 foods.

Ulcers develop when a painful sore from around the stomach, which occurs as the thick coating of mucus that protects the stomach's digestive juices thins down, allowing the digestive acids to eat away at the stomach's tissues!

Stomach ulcers can be healed with timely treatment (drugs, lifestyle management, and so on). Another factor that helps to keep ulcers under control is the type of food consumed.

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Some meals should be avoided by ulcer patients to avoid aggravating the already inflamed area:

1. Foods and seasonings with a spice

Spicy meals irritate the stomach lining, and thus the aching area. Spicy foods have also been reported to exacerbate ulcer symptoms in certain people.

2. Tea or coffee

Coffee, rather than causing ulcers, irritates them. Coffee's caffeine erodes the existing sore area (ulcer), making it worse, therefore if the goal is to heal the ulcer, it's best to avoid it or limit it to the bare minimum.

3. Alcoholic beverages

A patient with an ulcer should avoid all alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol raises the acid level in the stomach, making the ulcer worse and recovery nearly impossible.

4. Red Meat

Red meat should be avoided by ulcer sufferers (particularly peptic ulcer patients). Because red meat takes longer to digest, the amount of acid in the stomach rises, irritating the area and exacerbating the symptoms. Chicken, turkey, and other lean proteins can be substituted.

5. Processed Foods

Replace pasta, white bread, sugar, and other processed foods with leafy greens and vegetables, antioxidant-rich fruits, and plenty of water.


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