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What do cassava flakes do to the body?

Cassava flakes, often known as Garri or Eba, are one of Nigeria's and the African subregion's most popular delicacies.

Does garri have any health benefits?

Despite being a starchy dish, garri is low in calories and high in fiber, making you feel content for longer. As a result, the desire to eat in excess is reduced.

Toxins that enter your intestines are more easily absorbed when you eat garri. As a result, your gut health may improve.

Garri is a powdery culinary flour made from cassava that is either yellow (with palm oil) or white (without palm oil)

Cassava can be used to produce Fufu (Akpu or Santana), Bobozee (also known as Abacha), and chips for snacks in addition to Garri or Eba.

Cassava is widely grown in Nigeria, and it produces a wide range of byproducts that can be used in both retail and commercial food manufacturing.

Garri, a water-soaked snack, is called gallium sulfate. It can be eaten on its own or mixed with cold water as a snack; in Nigeria, it's used to make "fufu," a gruel. It's also a starchy side dish for any Nigerian soup, similar to rice or couscous.

 Garri, eba, fufu (akpu), ijebu garri, and other cassava end products have saved ordinary Nigerians' lives since the beginning of time and will continue to do so until the end of time.

It is a household name and a staple food in Nigeria. Garri is a popular way for Nigerians to prepare quick cereal by either drinking it or soaking it.

Health effects of drinking garri

Garri has a lot of health benefits.

I've heard that "drinking soaked garri at night used to blind eyes," yet soaking garri can be beneficial because it is a true source of energy, and drinking soaked garri has never been proven to cause blindness.

Garri can be consumed with milk, groundnut, or a mixture of garri, milk, sugar, and groundnut.

Nutrition value of garri food

Nutritional Value of Garri Food - Garri is strong in nutrients that are both healthful and beneficial to our health. Garri contains sodium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, and other minerals.

How to make garri from cassava at home

Garri is made from raw cassava (Cassava Flour). Cassava is a starch-rich tuber crop that may be processed in a number of ways to yield an edible final product.

The following methods are required to make Garri from cassava tubers at home, specifically for your eba and snack with fried groundnut seeds:

  1.  Ask where you can obtain cassava tubers at any market near you, and that is the start of the procedure.
  2. Peel the skin off the cassava tubers first. Make every effort to avoid peeling too deeply.
  3. Wash the peeled tubers second. Because this is the only time you'll be washing the tubers, use a lot of water.
  4. Third, chop the tubers into medium-sized pieces so that they may be ground evenly.
  5. The fourth and most crucial step is to mill them on a grinding machine (typically a very large one). However, if the cassava tubers are small enough, you may easily shred them at home.
  6. The cassava paste is then placed in a sack and allowed to dry for 2-3 days (fermentation occurs at this stage).
  7. The fine cassava powder should then be separated from the other particles using a large sieve.
  8. After that, stir fry a reasonable amount of cassava powder in a thick frying pan until it gets very dry and brittle. If you want your gari to be yellow, add a few drops of red palm oil every now and again.

Lastly, set your gari in a dry, cool location and enjoy your dinner.

How to make Nigerian Eba

Eba (garri) is a Nigerian staple and one of the Nigerian Swallows (Nigerian Fufu) consumed throughout the country. Garri is a dish made with grated cassava (manioc) flour and hot boiling water.

Eba (garri) is a popular Nigerian dish and one of the Nigerian Swallows (Nigerian Fufu). Garri is a cassava (manioc) flour dish cooked with hot boiling water and grated cassava (manioc) flour.

Food Ingredients

  1. 4 cups hot water 4 cups garri (white or yellow)
  2. Eba Food Preparation (Lump Free Eba)


  1. Bowl with a turning spoon


  1. Garri (12 cup)
  2. Boiling water in a cup


  1. To begin, fill a kettle halfway with water.
  2. Second, in a bowl, combine the boiling water and garri.
  3. After that, turn everything together with a turning spoon or spatula until it's smooth.

Finally, serve with your favorite soup.

Health Benefits and Effects of Garri

According to garri nutrition facts, garri delivers a good dosage of fiber, which assists bowel emptying and prevents stomach cancer, in addition to being a rich source of energy due to its carbohydrate content.

 The cyanide content of cassava, from which garri is made, is the main side effect of garri ingestion. More information about the hazards of Garri can be found here.

A side effect of garri in the body

  1. Even while cassava and its by-products like garri might do more harm than good when ingested in excess, it's also helpful to know that its nutritional contents are beneficial to the body when consumed in moderation.
  2. Garri, a cassava-based product, contains cyanide, which can cause mild to severe eye damage if taken in high quantities. Due to its acidic nature, it can also irritate the intestines, causing or exacerbating an ulcer.
  3. Carbohydrate is the most abundant ingredient in cassava and its derivatives, and it is the body's principal source of energy, where it is turned into glucose and eventually glycogen. Consuming too many carbohydrates, on the other hand, can contribute to weight gain and obesity-related health issues.

Although cassava has a low mineral and vitamin content, it is high in other minerals like potassium and vitamin A. Minerals and vitamins are helpful to the body because they aid in the development and operation of the body's tissues.


Garri is manufactured from cassava, which is a popular food crop in Nigeria since it can be used for so many different things. It is high in nutrients that are good for the body and general health.

 Garri offers a long list of health benefits, including aiding in food digestion, immune system boosting, and more.

The biggest advantage of eating garri is that it delivers a lot of fiber, carbs, protein, and vitamins to the body.

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