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Why should we have dinner before 7pm?

 Obviously, maintaining your general health, as well as staying fit and active, necessitates a good diet. But did you know that eating the appropriate meal isn't enough? You also need to eat at the right moment.

You've probably heard that many Bollywood celebs, such as Akshay Kumar, have dinner before 7 p.m. Do you have any idea why? Eating dinner as early as 7 p.m. can assist your entire body shift.

There will be an issue with your digestion if you do not take your meals at the appropriate times. Your body has to carry out a number of important tasks. Time is required in the same way. The time you consume your food has an impact on your overall health and weight.

Many dieticians also recommend eating early in the day to help with weight loss, digestion, and heart health. Continue reading to learn about the several advantages of eating dinner before 7 p.m.

You Get a Good Night's Sleep

When you eat late, your digestive system may not have enough time to digest all you ate. This can cause heartburn or indigestion. Between your last meal and your sleep, there should be a significant amount of time between them. You can't sleep if you eat late since your digestion isn't working properly. Your food is better digested if you eat it early in the day. You can get a good night's sleep and your body will feel energized the next day.

Improved Digestion

Eating dinner earlier in the evening can also help you enhance your digestive health. Eating early in the day allows your body to properly digest food. This will prevent any complications such as gas or heartburn.

Weight Loss With Easy

Weight loss is one of the most significant advantages of eating dinner early. When you finish your meal before 7 p.m., you have plenty of time to prepare your next meal the next morning. This aids in fat loss. As a result, your body consumes body fat for energy while you sleep.

Weight loss is also aided by improved digestion. You won't be able to digest food effectively if you eat late, which will increase your overall weight.

Heart Health stands to benefit

Our typical Indian meal is high in sodium, and eating high sodium cuisine late at night can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Eating breakfast is beneficial to your heart. When you eat too much late at night, your body is unable to burn the calories you consume, putting your heart at danger of heart attack and stroke.

Enhanced Energy

Your body can work normally if you eat early in the evening and then go to bed at a reasonable hour. This way, you'll wake up feeling refreshed and eat your first meal on time. You're more energized, and you're better equipped to arrange your day. This allows you to strike a better balance between your professional and personal lives.

You Have Personal Time

When you don't eat on time, you don't sleep on time, and your entire schedule is thrown off. You are unable to get up early in the morning and go to the gym or a park to exercise. As you can see, eating breakfast early allows you to set aside time for yourself.



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