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How to Identify Toxic Chines Plastic Rice

Plastic Rice has been spreading fear in Hyderabad for the past three days. After a number of complaints, a hotel in Saroornagar began serving biryani made of plastic rice. Hyderabad has recently become a hotspot for food adulteration, and now it's the turn of rice, which is the most commonly consumed food item in the city. As a result, Hyderabadis are torn between eating real rice as well as eating China-made plastic rice.

Here are five easy ways to spot plastic rice:

1. Test of the Water

Put a tablespoon of raw rice in a glass of water and stir it for a while. Rice does not float on water, so if it floats to the top, it is considered plastic rice.

 2. Fire Testing

Using a lighter, burn a handful of rice. And see if the rice releases the plastic odor.

3. Test with hot oil

Put a handful of rice in a pot of boiling water. If it's plastic rice, it'll melt and clump at the bottom of the container.

4. Fungus Testing

Put some of the rice in a bottle and leave it for 3 days after it has been boiled. If no mold appears, your rice is fake; plastic rice does not grow mold in any weather condition.

5. Boiling-Water-Test

If the rice contains plastic rice, it will begin to form a thick layer at the top of the vessel while boiling.



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