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Dr. Basil Ojuku, a family dentist consultant, has advised against using a toothpick to pick teeth because it is a poor practice that is harmful to oral health.

Ojuku is also the Director of Public Health at the Inter-country Centre for Oral Health in Africa, based in Jos, Plateau State's capital.

On Tuesday in Jos, he made this known in an interview with the Nigerian News Agency. TheraBreathHealthy Gums Periodontist

He explained that using a toothpick to pick debris out of between the teeth can be harmful because it can injure the gum tissue and narrow the space between the teeth.

He went on to say that the act would cause periodontitis, a severe gum infection that damages the gums and threatens the jawbone's survival.

He suggested that instead of using a toothpick to pick or remove debris stuck between the teeth, people should use dental floss. oral health supplements

The dentist advised against teeth filing because it can cause erosion of the tooth's protective layer, widely recognized as the enamel, and expose the tooth to further damage.

Ojuku also warned parents against chewing meat and feeding it to their babies or toddlers, claiming that doing so could result in the transfer of harmful bacteria from the adult's mouth to the baby's mouth through the chewed food. toothpaste whitening stain removal

Ojuku also advised Nigerians to avoid using their teeth to open bottled drinks because the practice was harmful and could result in a tooth or teeth fracture.

He stated that it was critical for people to understand proper oral hygiene techniques.

Oral hygiene, he explained, entails taking care of one's teeth at home, which includes brushing properly and visiting a dentist at least once a year for dental examinations.

According to the dentist, brushing teeth should be done after breakfast and last thing at night.

Brushing before breakfast, he explained, traps some food particles between the teeth, allowing bacteria in the mouth to feed on the debris, resulting in bad breath.

After each meal, he advised people to rinse their mouths with mouthwash or lukewarm water.

According to him, the proper way to brush one's teeth is to first use the toothbrush to rub the toothpaste around the teeth before brushing them.

"After you've finished rubbing the toothpaste in, start with the lower teeth and brush by sweeping the bristles upwards to made to remove, and then brush the upper teeth by sweeping the bristles downward to remove the debris," Ojuku explained.

"On the chewing surfaces (the molars), you only move back and forth to allow the bristles to clean the surface.

"You also brush your teeth and your tongue."

"After you're done, don't rinse your mouth like most people do because toothpaste contains a lot of components that are designed to fight tooth decay and other oral diseases."

"By not rinsing, bacteria in the mouth are killed, and bad breath is avoided."

The aspect of the toothpaste left in the mouth, according to Ojuku, helps maintain fresh breath.

He also advised against using toothbrushes with hard bristles, claiming that the bristles can cause gum injuries and that people should visit the dentist at least once a year and brush twice daily.



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