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How can raw mangoes be used to their full potential?

There's a reason we love raw mangoes so much. Mangoes, known as the "King of Fruits," are high in essential nutrients and vitamin C. Raw mango, also known as Kachchi Kairi in Hindi, is a favorite of ours during the summer. Living in a tropical country like India allows us to partake in delectable thirst quenchers made from our favorite fruits, with raw mango taking first place. In the summer, Aam panna, a cool drink made with raw mangoes, is prepared all over the country to keep the body cool and prevent heatstroke. Not only has that but eating raw mangoes with salt prevented our bodies from losing too much water. Let's learn more about its health advantages.

Raw mangoes are good for your health

Raw mangoes can benefit us in a variety of ways. It is high in vitamins A and E, which help to improve one's hormonal system. Raw mango replenishes sodium chloride reserves and prevents dehydration. Constipation, bloating, indigestion, and diarrhea are all symptoms of this herb. Detoxifies the liver; raw mango cleanses the liver and encourages bile acid secretion. It's high in vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium, all of which help the body release toxins. Raw mangoes also contain a lot of niacin, which is good for your heart. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks are all reduced by maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. Kachchi Kairi is also beneficial to both the skin and the hair. Raw mangoes have a slew of other advantages that you can reap by including them in your diet.

The Raw mango salad

If you like mangoes, you'll enjoy this recipe for an easy and delicious mango salad. This salad is a perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and sour flavors, made with healthy ingredients like raw mango, onions, chilli, mint, lettuce, and sugar.

Aam Panna

It is the most popular refreshing drink, especially during the summer. It is known to hydrate and cool our bodies from the inside out, as well as protect us from dehydration and extreme heat. To give it a fresh aroma, this energizing drink is made entirely of raw mangoes, sugar, and mint.

Dal and raw mango

Raw mango can easily be incorporated into our regular dinner recipes. The sour taste of dal with raw mango is particularly popular in Indian households. Simple dal recipes benefit from the addition of raw mango. Dal with raw mango is a popular Uttar Pradesh dish in which toor dal is cooked with raw mango chunks.

The Mango Pachadi

Pachadi, which is similar to a 'Raita,' is a popular dish from South Indian cuisine. It's a traditional yoghurt, chili, and coconut dish. It's usually prepared for special occasions. It's a savory side dish that goes well with savory dishes like dosa, lemon rice, and so on. It's also delicious with papad.

The Raw mango rice

There are many rice recipes that we enjoy, but adding raw mango to rice creates an interesting dish with savory flavors. The tartness of raw mango is combined with the wholesomeness of rice in raw mango rice. Rice, raw mangoes, curry leaves, peanuts, and roasted lentils make this a delicious lunch or dinner dish. It's a portion of delicious comfort food that's also light.






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