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For the changing needs of the elderly, as well as to reduce the risk of dangerous falls, selecting the appropriate footwear is critical. Falls are the leading cause of injury in the elderly, resulting in over 800,000 hospitalizations, the majority of which are due to head or hip injuries. Choosing the right shoe can be difficult, but research and consultation can help you make an informed decision.

Elderly people have a tendency to shuffle their feet when walking, which increases the risk of falling on its own, but it's even higher if they're wearing the wrong shoes. High heels, floppy slippers, and shoes with a slick sole are all bad choices for the elderly. Shoes with laces can also be dangerous if they come undone.

Here are our top shoe recommendations for seniors to avoid slipping and falling. And, when it comes to laces, remember to say NO!

Men's & Women's New Balance 577

In the elderly shoe category, the New Balance 577 is one of our favorites. This shoe has a soft Velcro closure, good shock absorption, and is built to last.

2. Men's & Women's Propet Stability X

The Propet Stability X is another one of our favorites. These shoes are extremely stylish and modern, and the added grip in the rubber outsole helps to prevent slips and falls.

3. Women's Skechers Go Walk 2 Hypos

This lightweight Skechers slip-on comes in a variety of colors and sizes for all-day comfort and style. For women who prefer not to wear socks, an Ortholite anti-microbial sock liner is included.

4. Gil of Hush Puppies – Men's

The Hush Puppies Gil is a lightweight, casual shoe with adjustable straps and shock-absorbing technology. These leather sneakers feature a long-lasting ZeroG outsole, making long days on your feet easier than ever.

5. Olivia Propet – Women's

The Propet Olivia is a leather slip-on shoe with adjustable straps and a custom orthotic-replaceable removable insole. This diabetic shoe is also Medicare-approved.

Comfort and Fit

For a variety of reasons, people of all ages wear shoes that don't fit properly, which can increase the risk of falling. Shoes that don't fit properly can restrict the foot and make it difficult to walk and balance. While it may be difficult to let go of old shoes, they may become worn out and ill-fitting, and no longer meet the needs of the elderly.

It's critical to choose shoes that are comfortable to wear without being too loose or too tight. The right fit can be achieved with laces or adjustable Velcro straps. If additional insoles are used, make sure they don't obstruct the remaining space in the shoe. A wide-width shoe may provide more room and comfort, particularly for those who suffer from foot swelling.

Avoid buying a pair of shoes that don't fit right now in the hopes of breaking them in later. They aren't the right pair to buy if they aren't comfortable right away. Discomfort can lead to changes in balance or gait, which can lead to falls, as well as unnecessary pain and blisters. Take the time to find a shoe that you can immediately stand and walk-in.

Sturdy and comforting

The ideal pair of shoes for the elderly should have a low heel to ensure maximum ground contact and stability while walking. Heels that are higher than one inch off the ground may increase the risk of tripping or twisting an ankle.

The shoe's material should be flexible while still providing enough structure to keep its shape. To provide support for the heel and ankle, a high back shoe is necessary. Shoes with narrow soles or high heels should be avoided because they may not provide enough stability for safe walking. To reduce the impact on joints, the soles should also be shock absorbent.

Soles with Anti-Slip Technology

The soles of shoes for the elderly should have a good grip to prevent slipping while walking. In both wet and dry conditions, an adequate sole must grip the ground. If the soles of your shoes are no longer doing their job, it's time to replace them before you slip and fall.

If wearing shoes inside the house isn't an option, invest in a pair of non-slip socks that have a good grip on the floor. No-slip socks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bombas is one of them. PVC grips are used to prevent slipping and skidding on hard surfaces. No-slip features are available from a variety of other brands as well.

Shoes with a Distinction

Getting professional measurements and shopping according to proper sizing is one option for finding the right shoe. Foot sizes can change due to changes in health or age, and you might be surprised to learn that you need a completely different size than you did previously.

Those with health issues may require custom-made shoes according to their podiatrist's instructions. Some people may need to wear orthotics in their shoes. These should be brought with you when you go shoe shopping to ensure that your new pair will fit.

It can be difficult to choose the right pair of shoes for an elderly relative, but it's worth it to improve their safety and reduce their risk of falling. For added safety and peace of mind, read about the best medical alert system for your loved one.

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