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Soups are very important in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, where good soups are highly valued. The flavor of the soup will determine whether or not the food is enjoyed; perhaps this is why people take the time to prepare delicious soups.

Draw soups are typically used to eat solid or difficult-to-swallow foods such as pounded yam, semolina, fufu, and so on. In this article, we will show you 5 nutritious draw soups.

1. Okoho soup

This is a traditional soup from Benue's Idoma tribe. It is a draw soup made with okoho stick, which is usually combined with bush meat to make a delicious soup. You must try this soup to appreciate its deliciousness.

2. Soup with dried baobab leaves

This soup is popular in Nigeria's northern region. It's also known as 'kuka' or 'luru' soup. It can be used to eat foods that are difficult to swallow, such as tuwo.

3. Ogbono Soup

Ogbono is a traditional Nigerian soup. This delectable soup can be used for any type of swallowable food. It's filling and delicious.

4. Ewedu soup

Ewedu, also known as jute leaf, is a nutritious soup ingredient. It can be used to eat foods like amala, fufu, and gari (eba).

5. Okro soup

This is yet another draw soup for swallows. Many people prefer to eat this soup in the stewed form known as "Ila alasepo" rather than okro with a separate stew.

Have you had any of the soups mentioned above? You must try them to believe how tasty they are.


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