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I didn’t see my menstrual period for over three months and am not pregnant haven several tests. Can you believe this?
If a woman missed three menstrual periods it may be assumed to have amenorrhea, and must be evaluated by a medical doctor.  Amenorrhea is not ailment, except if symptom has fundamental disorder. The most regular cause is pregnancy. Although a female has tested herself several times through home pregnancy tests, if the tests proved negative, a pregnancy test planned by your doctor is the first footstep in discovery the cause of amenorrhea.
 You may experience other symbols and warning sign, depending on the actual cause of the amenorrhea, which include a milky nipple release, hair failure, headache, hallucination changes, as well as excess facial hair.
There are a number of likely causes of amenorrhea, include the usual course of a woman’s life, a side result of medications. Amenorrhea happen naturally for the period of pregnancy, the breast-feeding, along with menopause.

Medications Which Can Prevent Menstrual Periods Are:
·        Birth control pills
·        Antipsychotics
·        Cancer chemotherapy
·        Antidepressants
·        Blood pressure pills
Various lifestyle reasons can cause amenorrhea. Psychological stress can modify hypothalamus, and spot in the brain that controls the hormones that normalize menstruation. Following the stress decreases, periods will habitually start again.
Extremely low body weight can activate amenorrhea, and change other body functions restricted by hormones. Disorders in eating, such as bulimia and anorexia, can cause hormone alteration that halt menstruation.
Sports that involve painstaking training, including long distance running and gymnastics, can upset menstruation. Within athletes, small body weight, rigorous training as well as stress can combine to stop menstruation.
Several medical issues can cause hormonal imbalances upsetting menstruation, which is thyroid gland dysfunction, a gland close to the brain tumors, early menopause, as well as polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes regular high levels of hormones, rather than the usual fluctuation of hormones distressing menstruation.
Structural issues of the reproductive organs can cause amenorrhea, such as scarring inside the uterus, congenital deficiency of sexual organs, and irregular structure of the vagina.
Amenorrhea can cause problems, including infertility, and other osteoporosis later in life.
Discovery that underlying cause of amenorrhea can take significant time and testing, your doctor will order for blood tests, which might include a pregnancy test, to confirm pregnancy. Thyroid utility tests will determine if the thyroid gland is working appropriately. Ovarian utility tests will determine if average ovulation is taking position.
Male hormone tests might be needed, particularly if you have enlarged facial hair or a deepening tone of voice. A hormone challenge test might be performing, in which hormonal prescription is taken for 7-10 days to activate menstrual flow of blood. The results might disclose a lack of estrogen as the cause of amenorrhea.
Depending on the outcome of the blood tests, your secret code and symptoms, as well as your personal history, the medical doctor may arrange imaging tests to envisage the reproductive organs. An ultrasound test will confirm for occurrence of the reproductive organs. A CT scan takes various X-ray images to point out whether the uterus, ovaries plus kidneys look standard. An MRI yields complete images of the brain and near glands. It can notice pituitary tumors.
If no exact cause is established, the medical doctor may suggest a hysteroscopy, in which a slight, lighted camera is passed throughout the vagina and cervix to envisage the inside of the uterus.
Cure depends on the primary cause of the amenorrhea. Birth manage pills might restart your menstrual cycles. A thyroid and pituitary issues may be treated with prescription. Surgery might be essential to remove a pituitary tumor or to exact a structural irregularity.
Life style factors might need be used to.  A balance of labor, recreation as well as rest is attractive. Decrease stress, and ask for assist from your medical doctor, friends and relations. Keep a documentation of your periods, the begin date, how extended it lasts, and any related symptoms.

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