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 The major problem men face as of today is lasting long in bed, while making love with the opposite sex. In fact, you may be thinking on how to get solution to your problem.
The good news is that there are guidelines and actions for you to last longer in the bedroom while making love with woman. Creams, gels and pills are not necessary; all you need is to harness the power of your mindset.
The easiest method to achieve this is by breaking bad lifestyle that is leading to negative feelings of energy pushing towards premature ejaculation. Lasting longer in bed is enjoyable and if you’re set to stay longer in the bed, considers this crucial 7 lifestyle  guided steps.

1.   Masturbation
If you masturbate, you are teaching your penis to arouse at the view of a naked woman. Watching pornography to an extent you are as well training your body to not control itself when you are with a right woman. You feel less awakening with a real woman and start to feel about having sex with her. This may takes you out of moment and makes you arrive much earlier.
2.   Much Thinking About sex
Your psyche has extra control over your orgasm than every other thing. When you allow your mind to be in charge of your orgasm there is every tendency that you will come quickly as you make love with a woman, as matter of fact, you need to stop all sexual thinking for you to last long in bed.  Feel relax don’t be anxious concerning sex.  Focus on helpful feelings which are the mechanism to last longer in the bed with woman.
 Enough sleep
 Mind is the most vital aspect of controlling your orgasm, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will not be able to reach your peak in the bed. There is no alternative to this. The more you sleep better the healthier you became for sexual performance. It is quite obvious that when you get better sleep, you think less about negative feelings that lead to coming quickly in the bed.
Increase your exercise
Exercise gives your body the energy to battle weakness. And as well get an endorphin increase. Some exercise like squatting has shown to increase the muscle of the pelvic strength, which helps men to have power over their orgasms. Lifting weights, your body won’t require stressing itself for the period of sex.
5.   Long period of not haven Sex
Don’t imagine yourself lasting 20-40 minutes in the bedroom if it has been months you have sex. If you stay out of sex for three months, you may not last 3-minute in bed.
the more you practice, the perfect you became in sex performance. To last longer, you need more sex as repeatedly as expected. Several times every week, as many times as you can hold

6.      Say goodbye to Sugars
Sugars provide your body with some spurts of energy, including fatigue.  However, it puts pressure on the mind and body. Once the brainpower and body is stressed out, the possibility of performing function at your maximum level will not be there. On the other hand, you cannot stay away from sugars.  You need avoid chocolate, beverage, cookies, ice cream, potato chips, they are dangerous to men performance.
7.   avoid Stress
 You need to break the habit of stress, just find a way of relaxing yourself.  Anytime you relax stress weaken, you most likely find that you’re lasting longer in bed. If you break these horrific habits and make a little needed lifestyle changes, your confidence and ability to perform longer in bed will increase significantly
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