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Natural methods for prevention and management of kidney and liver
Liver and kidney are very essential organs in the body; they help to process and filter food, alcohol, water and every other consumable substance that goes into the body, many things that found their way into our system can as a matter of fact cause pollution to our liver or kidneys and make them dysfunctional leading to medical complications like renal failure, kidney stones, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Here are some efficient natural remedies to detoxify harmful dangerous toxins out your liver and kidney and stay healthier. 
1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Before eating your meals, you need to drink half cup of water with 5 to 6 tbsp of apple cider vinegar daily. It helps to prevent kidney stone.
2. Ginger
This is another perfect herb which greatly detoxifies kidneys. Use a steep hot water adds grated ginger use it as a daily tea. Continue the same up to three weeks and observer your health for sometime.
3. Beet juice
Beet juice has betaine contents with antioxidant properties to promote acidity of urine. Removal of calcium in the kidneys it does not only advance kidney functions, but reduces the risk of developing kidney stone.
4. Lemon juice
Lemon juice acidic promotes citrate levels in the urine, which is the major point that discourages formation of kidney stone. For detoxifying use a squeezed 4 or 5 lemons with cold water than drink it as quick as possible.
1. Carrots and Beets
Beets and carrots are very much rich in glutathione, the protein that helps for detoxifying of the liver. When you consume carrots and beets it assist in stimulate and promote proper functioning of the liver.

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